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Interview with Plants! - Snow Pea

Meyguhmein November 25, 2012 User blog:Meyguhmein

Yo guys! After an over-one-month hiatus, the series is continuing now!

90px: Hi there Snow!

Snow Pea2: Hi!

90px: So, I'm going to interview you today! This is going to be "cool"!

Snow Pea2: LOL pun!

90px: I know right! did you shoot frozen peas? Do you keep the normal peas in a fridge and when you shoot, you take them out from the fridge?

Snow Pea2: You sure have imagination. But no, you're wrong. I'm frozen, so everything inside me is frozen! Including the peas!

90px: So do you keep anything else in your "fridge"?

Snow Pea2: I store some food from the other plants! Because they can't buy a fridge, since they're PLANTS! Well, except for that stupid coin collector...

90px: I see...But why are the zombies slowed down?

Snow Pea2: They shivers, I tell ya. MY PEAS GIVE 'EM THE SHIVERS! BRRRR!

90px: So do you use the peas' freezing ability in your life?

Snow Pea2: Whenever I'm in a race, I always slow down the others, so that I CAN WIN!

90px: Cheater.

Snow Pea2: What? I don't even have legs to run!

90px: Never mind. And, do you have a family?

Snow Pea2: Nope.

90px: How about friends?

Snow Pea2: Yep.

90px: Who?

Snow Pea2: Ice-shroom and Winter Melon. They're my best buds.

90px: I see. But, why are you cheaper than Repeater even though your NDS is the same as him?

Snow Pea2: NDS? What's that? NINTENDO DS??? AHHAHAHAAHAH!

90px: No. It's normal damage shot.

Snow Pea2: Well, maybe I'm just so "cool", I shrinked myself AND my cost! Like in Physics, when something is cold, it gets smaller!

90px: I know that already.

Snow Pea2: So, anything more?

90px: Well, that's all! Bye!

Snow Pea2: Bye! FREEZE!!! KAPOW!!

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