Hi...Even though I'm a few days late and I'm sick today, I'm trying my best to give you the next interview... Kirito: Hi there, Potato Mine.

Potato Mine2: Hi!

Kirito: So, it's time for me to interview you.

Potato Mine2: Hmm...K.

Kirito: People always say you're lazy. Is that right?

Potato Mine2: Yes, it is.

Kirito: And why don't you pop out of the ground earl-

Potato Mine2: I'm lazy.

Kirito: Huh, I didn't even finish my question.

Potato Mine2: Whatever.

Kirito: Why are there some potato chips left when you explode?

Potato Mine2: It's me.

Kirito: Lol. And about your Almanac Entry...

Potato Mine2: Yes?

Kirito: What is the "investment strategy" you're thinking about?

Potato Mine2: I'm a cheap plant, so I can be used first before the homeowner starts planting others, like Rep and Melon.

Kirito: How lazy are you?

Potato Mine2: I always do things 15 seconds late. Like when I arm myself to blow up.

Kirito: I see...Do you see anything while you're underground?

Potato Mine2: Nothing. Nothing but dirt...

Kirito: And...

Potato Mine2: OK I sometimes see Digger Zombies too.

Kirito: Do they eat you while you're underground?

Potato Mine2: Yes, yes they do.

Kirito: So, do you have any relations?

Potato Mine2: Yes, I have a friend.

Kirito: Who is that?

Potato Mine2: Pumpkin.

Kirito: And why? Do you guys work well together?

Potato Mine2: Yes, I hide inside him, and when the zombies kill him and reach me, they all die! Mwahahaha!

Kirito: OK, so. Bye! It's time for me to leave!