OK folks, time for the first interview ever! Let's start with...


Kirito: Hi there Peashooter.

Peashooter2: Oh, hi.

Kirito: I am going to interview the plants and zombies, and I decided to start with you first!

Peashooter2: Cool.

Kirito: So, first up, I may sound silly, but why is your name Peashooter?

Peashooter2: It's pretty obvious, I shoot peas.

Kirito: So what do you think about your ability to shoot peas?

Peashooter2:In real life, it's impossible. Luckily I'm not real, so being able to shoot is normal, not really special.

Kirito: OK, and what's your reason to kill the zombies?

Peashooter2I really don't have any grudges with the zombies at all, but I kill them to keep them away from the homeowner.

Kirito: How about your relations? Do you have friends or a family?

Peashooter2: Friends? Hmm... All of the other Pea-shooting plants, I guess. I don't have a family though.

Kirito: So, according to your Almanac Entry, you said "a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide". Are those what you eat for breakfast?

Peashooter2: Yeah. It's very healthy for plants, plus it gives us energy to kill the zombies, too.

Kirito: OK. And you know what? That's the end of this interview! See you later, folks! Bye, Peashooter!

Peashooter2: OK, bye!