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Interview with Plants! - Cherry Bomb

Meyguhmein October 14, 2012 User blog:Meyguhmein

It's time for the next interview!

Kirito: Hi there Cherry Bomb.

Cherry Bomb2: What's up?

Kirito: I'll do an interview with you.

Cherry Bomb2: K, but do it quick

Kirito: Which word do you prefer: explode, detonate or explodonate?

Cherry Bomb2: (Cherry #1) I prefer explode! (Cherry #2) No, detonate is better! (both Cherries) MY WORD IS BETTER! GET WITH IT!

Kirito: Uh, guys...You don't need to argue.

Cherry Bomb2: (Cherry #2) He started it first! (Cherry #1) No you!

Kirito: ...Let's get to the next question...

Cherry Bomb2: OK!

Kirito: So, why is your reason to explode and kill the zombies?

Cherry Bomb2: (Cherry #1) I hate them! (Cherry #2) No, I don't like them! I don't hate them! (Cherry #2) Shut up!

Kirito: ...You seem to argue a lot.

Cherry Bomb2: Yes! Yes we do!

Kirito: Why is your exploding range smaller than many others?

Cherry Bomb2: (Cherry #1) I explode the left side of 1.5x3 squares! (Cherry #2) Me too, on the right side!

Kirito: Why would you risk your life just to kill some zombies?

Cherry Bomb2: We like it!

Kirito: Weird...

Cherry Bomb2: Yeah...Somehow we like it!

Kirito: Do you really think you're invincible?

Cherry Bomb2: (Cherry #1) Yes we are! No zombies can eat us! (Cherry #2) No! The zombies are just too slow! We aren't!

Kirito: ......

Cherry Bomb2: Sorry for disturbing you.

Kirito: It's ok, I have a few more questions for you

Cherry Bomb2: Uh-oh, there are zombies here! Got to go, bye!

Kirito: HEY! I haven't asked it! Don't go-


Kirito: ...Well, he's gone. So I'm outta here.

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