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Article rules

Meyguhmein December 1, 2012 User blog:Meyguhmein
  • Use proper grammar
  • No cussing/profanities/slurs/insults
  • Use proper names:
    • Capitalize the first letter (Peashooter, Squash, etc)
    • For plants with a hyphen, first letter behind it must not be capitalized (Puff-shroom, Tall-nut, etc)
    • Do not randomly capitalize letters and add hyphens to names (no Pea-Shooter, Cherry-Bomb, etc)
    • Do not shorten names; it's only allowed in blogs, comments, talks, etc, not on articles (no "Pole Vaulters" and "Ladders", etc)
  • Do not use first-person pronouns like "I", "me" and "mine" (obviously except for the Potato Mine)
  • Use this template for strategies on Strategy sub-articles
For small pages:

==Strategy name==

===Plants needed===

*list of plants*



For larger pages, like the Last Stand's strategies page:

===Strategy name===

====Plants needed====

*list of plants*



Note: There can be a "Notes" part for any strategies

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