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Who knew 500k can grow a tree so tall

WHY DOES SPRING BREAK HAVE TO BE OVER! now i have to go to school and learn but at least it is not cold outside, well in plants vs zombies i have finally achived the golden sunflower trophy (I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF) and started survival endless i have currently tried 2 stratigies, both havent worked so well. but i am still trying, and also from that survival endless i got a nearly full zengarden, (I had so much i had to move some to the mushroom garden) which i latered harvested to reach 500k. Which of corse i spend to get my tree of wisdom 210 more feet (Apx.) only about 40 more feet till i get the dancing zombie cheat. also does anyone else know a good survival endless strategy. well thats all i have to talk about


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