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The Banana Game

Hey, everybody! I just created a fun new game to play when you're boredly browsing the Wiki! It's called The Banana Game! Wanna know how to play it? No? Well, I'm going to tell you! The point of the game is to click on the "Random" link, and see how many link clicks it takes for you to get to the Banana page (not the Banana Launcher) from the page you ended up on. There are only three rules: 1. You cannot use any categories to get to the page. 2. You cannot use any Lists to get to the page. 3. You cannot use any tabbers to get to the page. By this, I mean you can't use any of these:

V · T · E

So, there you go! Now you have a way to make browsing Wiki pages fun! Try out The Banana Game and write in the comments how many clicks it took you to get to the Banana page, but in the meantime, have fun bananering!

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