Hey guys, Poopspyro7 here! Today, I'm coming in with a new kind of rating system for you all. I will be rating all the plants from Plants vs Zombies 2, based on what I think of each one.

Each day, I will add a new world to the blog, rating more plants each day.

Each plant will be rated either "Good", "Meh", or "Bad".

Note: Only the international plants will be rated, so no China-exclusive ones.

Without further ado, lez do dis!

Player's House



Rating: Meh

Reason: The smallest things can be the best things. But when you think about the Peashooter, you remember that there are tons more attacking plants, especially forward-shooting ones, and it is clearly thrown under the bus by them. By the way, it's a very weak plant in general, and is only really useful in Player's House.



Rating: Good

Reason: When compared to the other sun-producing plants in the game, Sunflower isn't that much. However, it can come in great handy in Player's House, Ancient Egypt, and any levels where they are preset for you! Like what I said with Peashooter, the smallest things can be the best things. And this time, this plant equates with that statement!



Rating: Good

Reason: Wall-nut is arguably the best defensive plant in the game. Infi-nut, Pea-nut, and Endurian all have cool side effects, but they clearly disguise the fact that they are just plain weak. In addition, Tall-nut has a crapload of health, but it also has an extremely slow recharge that makes it not really worth your time. Wall-nut, on the other hand, is simple, and that's just what makes it the best! Moral of the story: big things comes in small packages.

Potato Mine

Potato Mine2

Rating: Meh

Reason: Potato Mine has gotten a lot of acknowledgement for being a great plant to, you know, take out the closest zombies to your house and stuff like that. But ask yourself this: is it really a good plant? At the core, it isn't. Potato Mines require to sit in the ground for a while before they can become ready to expode, and all that wait for




Ancient Egypt



Rating: Meh

Reason: In the first game, Cabbage-pult was extremely useful, being the standard offense for Roof. Now, it's kinda lost that special feeling, especially since there isn't any roof to hurl heads over. The only thing that the Cabbage-pult is really useful for in the second game is for avoiding tombstones to attack zombies in Ancient Egypt, but if I were you, I'd make better plant choices.



Rating: Good

Reason: The Bloomerang was a good idea on PopCap's part. This little Aussie can hurl its boomerang petals through all zombies in the lane, and face it, who could resist a face like that?

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce2

Rating: Meh

Reason: When you first receive the Iceberg Lettuce, it seems really appealing with how it can stop a zombie right in its tracks. As you progress through the game, though, you find more freezing and slowing plants, such as Snow Pea, Kernel-pult, and Stunion, and your opinion starts to change. Iceberg Lettuce really can't do much, with the capability of freezing only one zombie. In my opinion, don't use it so often unless it's boosted.

Grave Buster

Grave Buster2

Rating: Meh

Reason: In Ancient Egypt, Grave Buster is great for getting rid of those annoying tombstones, especially the ones created by that gosh dang Tomb Raiser!!! But as you get more plants with enough destructive potential to destroy tombstones, the need for Grave Buster lessens. Also, don't forget that tombstones only appear in two worlds.

Bonk Choy

Bonk Choy2

Rating: Good

Reason: Bonk Choy is a powerhouse! It attacks zombies in front of or behind it constantly, and zombies that get in its range barely last a few seconds! It's best to be paired with a defensive plant to be able to damage zombies longer. The Bonk Choy is an awesome attacker, and it deserves its spot as my 2nd favorite offensive plant in the game.



Rating: Good

Reason: If there's any plant to take the place of the Peashooter with, then the Repeater takes the cake. And don't tell me that the cake is a lie! Even though it just shoots one more pea then its predecessor, it can be destructive! In the first game, it wasn't all that useful, since sun was hard to get, and it was usually used to replace players' already-placed Peashooters if they had enough sun. In this game, though, sun from the sky equates to 50 instead of 25, and don't forget about Plant Food, so you can have all the double damage you want! Now there's a cake that I want a slice of!

Twin Sunflower

Twin Sunflower2

Rating: Good

Reason: When it was just an upgrade to the Sunflower, I would never use the Twin Sunflower. With its crappy recharge, it just seemed to take up space in the seed packet inventory. When the second game came around, the Twin Sunflower redeemed itself. It now has a faster recharge, allowing faster plantings of it, and its double sun production makes sense due to the rising sun costs of plants in this game. Even so, it has become my favorite sun-producing plant in the game. Literally, I use it in every level!

Stay tuned for Pirate Seas and Wild West: coming tomorrow!