Ok, so I've seen some Hurt/Heal games on the wiki, and I wanted to start my own. But the rules are different!

This time we're doing the Zombots! (The 8th Zombot, when it gets created, will NOT be added)

Current Status

Zombot Sphinx-inator2 Zombot Plank Walker2 Zombot War Wagon2 Zombot Tomorrow-tron2 Zombot Dark Dragon2 Zombot Sharktronic Sub2 Zombot Tuskmaster 10,000 BC2
200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP200 HP


  • You are allowed to hurt or heal by up to 10 HP for EACH Zombot until:
    • When 1 Zombot dies, you may hurt/heal by 12 HP
    • When 3 Zombots die, you may hurt/heal by 16 HP
    • When 4 Zombots die, you may hurt/heal by 20 HP
    • If all Zombots have over 400 HP, and there are at most 4 left, you may hurt/heal by 30 HP
  • The amount you can hurt/heal one Zombot is independent of what you hurt/heal the others. You can max-heal all, max-hurt all, or anything else in the range. Just no more than the above values for each bot.
  • Plants are used to speed up the ending:
    • When 3 Zombots die, the Laser Beans come in and attack every Zombot by 4 HP/day
    • When 4 Zombots die, the Coconut Cannons come in and attack every Zombot by 12 HP/day
    • Zombots do not notice the plants. There is no way to prevent them.
  • If a Zombot is low on health and goes below 0 from an attack, it's gone RIGHT THEN AND THERE. You may not heal it above 0. Plants attack at the END of the day.
  • You may use abbreviations as long as they're not ambiguous (see example).

Example (assume Dark Dragon lost)

Heal Egypt, Pirate, and Future by 12. Hurt Tuskmaster and Shark by 6. Nothing on Wagon.