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  • Mathdude314

    Ok, so I've seen some Hurt/Heal games on the wiki, and I wanted to start my own. But the rules are different!

    This time we're doing the Zombots! (The 8th Zombot, when it gets created, will NOT be added)

    200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP 200 HP200 HP

    • You are allowed to hurt or heal by up to 10 HP for EACH Zombot until:
      • When 1 Zombot dies, you may hurt/heal by 12 HP
      • When 3 Zombots die, you may hurt/heal by 16 HP
      • When 4 Zombots die, you may hurt/heal by 20 HP
      • If all Zombots have over 400 HP, and there are at most 4 left, you may hurt/heal by 30 HP
    • The amount you can hurt/heal one Zombot is independent of what you hurt/heal the others. You can max-heal all, max-hurt all, or anything else in the range. Just no more than the above values for each bot.
    • Pla…

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  • Mathdude314

    New Challenges!

    February 17, 2015 by Mathdude314


    1. Beat Pirate Seas - Day 16 with only Spring Beans to kill zombies. Power Lily is not allowed!
    2. Beat Pirate Seas - Day 25 in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Turbo Mode and spending coins is banned. Plant Food is allowed.
    3. Beat Dr. Zomboss's Revenge only planting in the 15 spaces containing Flower Pots at the start of the level. You can replace Flower Pots of lost or stolen.
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  • Mathdude314

    So, let's say the Challenge of the Day is boring or a game you don't have. (I hope you have PvZ2.) Well, you could download my script and generate random challenges!

    • Does not include Dark Ages, Beach, or Frostbite Caves levels
    • Supports players with an 8th slot
    • Currently, NOT finished, will release when finished
    • Coded in Swift, Python, and JavaScript
    • Mostly just normal levels and Save Our Seeds levels.

    Here's an example:

    Beat Far Future - Day 7 with the following plants:

    Twin Sunflower

    Coconut Cannon


    Cherry Bomb


    Iceberg Lettuce


    Bloomerang (if you have the 8th slot)

    If you don't have the 8th slot and you don't have one of the given plants, use the 8th slot plant. So, if you didn't have Guacodile, you would use Boomerang inste…

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