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Quote quiz: Extreme

HAI!!!!!!!!! if you watched this thing you should be played both the sequel and original game..then THIS is sure for you...and also.. the sequel of the original has some hints for THIS one!

Anyway...lets start....

But first...

a not quote question:

Was there another name for the sequel of the original game?

okay if you anwersered this..LETS START OVA!


2: "Y-O-U-LOOOS-E!"

3: "Olimar...huh?...Olimar?"


5: "This fish like exotic Food!"

6: "EHMWER!"

7: "Like a .....!" (NOT like a boss)

8: "Great!...lets do it in my way!"

9: " This is meh Casztlesh and no onez canz Haxorz its!"

10: "akward weddings!"

NOTE: if the anwerser is an anwerser that it wasnt the guy who I meant said it.. it WONT count as an right anwerser and i WONT give credits

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