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  • I live in Ninja Abode
  • My occupation is Being a ninjamaster.
  • MasterNinja321

    Can you please give me a HD image of Lava Guava? Thanks.

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  • MasterNinja321

    Since EVERYONE makes random creepypastas (Seriously, why?) here for no reason, i decided to put my two coins here now too.


    I dare you to continue reading





    here you go

    • AHEM*

    suhm boi walkd ova a rod

    zen a bludy monstah wih reed bludy eyz and blud all ova hem apperd and scremd "NU ESKAP"

    te boy kried

    te boi run away

    te boir was skarrd

    te bludy munster ran tu him and skremt "DAI I EM GOD"


    But then the boy decided to ACTUALLY DEFEND HIMSELF and stab the bloody monster.


    ze end

    tu skarry

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  • MasterNinja321

    Dave´s Adventures

    September 22, 2014 by MasterNinja321

    A GameMaker game i made. Here, you steer Crazy Dave in a platformer, you can unlock seeds to place them to kill zombies, and more!

    V. 0.1:

    V. 0.2 (i know the link says 1.0):

    V. 1.0 (Now really 1.0!):  

    v. 2.0 (Massive update; completely redone game!) (newest update):

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  • MasterNinja321


    May 29, 2014 by MasterNinja321

    So i was trying to make PvZQQ work... It loaded and is on loading screen

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  • MasterNinja321

    ^ What is this madness and how did this happen?

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