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Gangster Era

War is coming soon and those zombies are starting being upset. Main goal - steal all brains around here. Can the plant cops stop the mafia zombies? Or undead criminality will win and take care of the world? Travel back to 1930s and check that out! Help in fighting the evil of yesteryear, save the world and become a garden hero!

+31 Levels!

+1 Endless Zone!

+6 Plants!

+2 Upgrades!

+1 Boss Battle!


  • Night Time
  • Fog - can increase and decrease its ammount.
  • Tunnels - the zombies can go from entry to the exit, kinda like portals in portal kombat, but they are tiles and block you from planting on them. There are 4 basic colors like power tiles in far future. There's 5th purple one created by Miner Zombie only.


*Gatling Pea (Premium)

Sun Cost: 400

Damage: Normal (per each pea)

Firing Rate: 4x

Range: Straight

Recharge: Fast

Gatling Pea shoots 4 peas at once

He shoots every 1.5 seconds.

Plant Food Ability: Shoots 150 normal peas and 5 big peas.


Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Elevated (40)

Range: 3x5

Recharge: Mediocre

Plantern lights up fog in 3x5 area

Plant Food Ability: Gains golden armor that absorbs 40 NDS. Plantern lights up whole lawn as well.


Sun Cost: 50

Toughness: Elevated (40)

Recharge: Mediocre

Zoom-shroom returns projectiles back at zombies

Plant Food Ability: Creates 4 clones that spread onto all other columnes.


Sun Cost: 25

Area: Single

Recharge: Mediocre

Dirt-shroom removes 1 tunnel entry or exit

*Pumpkin (Gemium)

Sun Cost: 100

Toughness: High

Area: Single plant or tile

Recharge: Sluggish

Pumpkin protects a plant inside him

Plant Food Ability: Gains armor that absorbs 80 NDS. Plant Food ability of plant inside is activated too.


Sun Cost: 100

Damage: Light (small), Normal (medium), Moderate (big)

Range: Lobbed

Recharge: Fast

Pult-shroom grows and throws bigger spores over time

He throws every 3 seconds.

Small spore - 1 NDS

Medium spore - 2 NDS

Big spore - 4 NDS

Huge spore - 10 NDS

Plant Food Ability: Grows to the full size and launches huge spores at all zombies on the lawn.


Sun Cost: 150

Damage: Normal

Range: Close

Area: 3x3

Recharge: Fast

Gloom-shroom blasts fumes around himself.

Plant Food Ability: Blasts 3 huge bubbles that push all zombies in 3 lanes back and do 50 NDS to all of them after explosion.


Sun Cost: 250

Damage: Massive

Area: Entire Lawn

Recharge: Very Slow

Doom-shroom explodes and does massive damage to all zombies on the lawn, but leaves a crater

Crater lasts for 30 seconds.


*Extra Seed Slot (Gemium)

Carry one more plant onto the battle!

*Flag Visor

See how many waves of zombies will you have to handle!

(It shows the ammount of waves in the seed chooser)

*Starter Plant Food

Start a level with 1 Plant Food in a bank!

(It adds 1 PF in every endless zone level too)


Gangster Zombie

Toughness: Average (10)    Speed: Basic

Regular mafia zombie.

Gangster Conehead

Toughness: Protected (28)   Speed: Basic

His blue ruffianly cone makes him twice as tough as regular gangster zombie.

Gangster Buckethead

Toughness: Hardened (65)   Speed: Basic

His blue, metalic bucket for loots gives him amazing protection from damage.

Gangster Flag Zombie

Toughness: Average (10)   Speed: Basic

Marks an arrival of huge, evil "wave" of zombies.

Gangster Imp

Toughness: Average (10)   Speed: Hungry

Jumps in, then sneaks forward.

Prisoner Gargantuar

Toughness: Great (180)   Speed: Hungry

The huge criminalist zombie, that escaped his prison.

Special: Throws gangster imp when damaged.

Damage: Crushes plants with a ball on the chain.

Spy Zombie

Toughness: Protected (20) Speed: Stiff

Special: Hides in his coat to become invisible.

Weakness: Plantern, Fire Plants

Gun Shooter Zombie

Toughness: Protected (20) Speed: Stiff

Special: Shoots bullets at plants.

Weakness: Zoom-shroom, Magnet-shroom

(There can be conehead and buckethead variants but they don't appear by themselves, they're made by boss zombie only)

Iron Door Zombie

Toughness: Machined (90 for door and 10 for zombie) Speed: Basic

Special: Uses iron doors to protect himself and go over tunnels.

Weakness: Magnet-shroom, Area of Effect Plants

(There are 2 variants - one is tougher version of screen door zombie, door absorbs 90 NDS and can be stolen by magnet-shroom. The other variant holds door uppon his head, so he blocks lobbed-shots instead of straight shots. Both variants can build bridges from doors and go over tunnels, but don't must to. After that they pick up doors, they might hold them in different position, blocking lobbed-shots now, while before they blocked straight shots)

Miner Zombie

Toughness: Protected (30) Speed: Speedy

Special: Hides underground and builds tunnels.

Weakness: Magnet-shroom, Lobbed-shot Plants, Dirt-shroom

(Hides underground where only lobbed-shots can damage him, builds tunnels (there is maximum of 5 while purple one is made by miner ONLY). When he wants to, he targets player's house. Magnet-shroom can steal his pickaxe. While not targeting player's house, he can move between columnes. He can crate a tunnel on the tile where plant is planted, killing it in a process. Speed on the ground - hungry (like imp). Speed underground - 1 tile per 3 seconds. Speed underground while building a tunnel - 1 tile per 1 second)

Stealer Zombie

Toughness: Protected (20) Speed: Speedy

Special: Runs at full speed at the plant, catches it, and slowly escapes trying to steal it. Drops a bag after being killed.

Damage: Bag blocks tiles, entries and exits and can crush plants either.

Weakness: Pumpkin

(Runs at full speed, catches a plant into bag and goes away with creeper/stiff speed trying to steal it. Kinda like short-ranged octo. Plant in a bag blocks tiles and tunnels, can crush other plants. After stealer is killed, bag has 20 NDS and needs to be destroyed to free the plant inside)

Boss Zombie

Toughness: Dense (50)

Special: Gives equipment to gangster zombies and turns them into gun shooters.

Special: Can give commands to gun shooter zombies.

(Rides in in cadillac, and stays at last column. Gives basic trio guns, hats (basic zombies and gun shooters wear them just like cowboys, they absorb 2 NDS but the zombies still absorb just 10 NDS), fake mustaches (gun shooters wear them) and bulletproof vests (gun shooters wear them, they absorb 10 NDS more). Boss zombie can also give command to random gun shooter zombie on the lawn - rapid fire - he will stop in place for a while and shoot a series of 30 bullets)

Imposter Zombie

Toughness: Solid (16) Speed: Hungry

Special: After is defeated, drops 2 gangster imps on 2 adjacent lanes.

Zombie Introdutions

Basic Trio and Flag - Night 1

Spy Zombie - Night 2

Gangster Imp and Prisoner Gargantuar - Night 3

Gun Shooter Zombie - Night 4

Iron Door Zombie - Night 7

Miner Zombie - Night 11

Stealer Zombie - Night 17

Boss Zombie - Night 22

Imposter Zombie - Night 23

Level Conditions

Layout of levels is like Big Wave Beach. Doom-shroom is unlocked after beating night 31.

Night 8 - Don't let the zombies destroy the target

Night 9 - Don't spend any sun for 90 seconds

Night 13 - Kill 100 zombies in 20 seconds

Night 14 - Survive the zombie attack with given plants (Sun-shroom, Plantern, Zoom-shroom, Dirt-shroom, Gatling Pea, Puff-shroom)

Night 15 - Protect 2 planterns

Night 19 - Survive the zombie attack with most plants picked for you (Sun-shroom, Puff-shroom, Pult-shroom, Magnet-shroom)

Night 23 - Protect 5 pult-shrooms

Night 24 - Don't let the zombies destroy the target

Night 25 - Don't let the zombies trample the flowers; Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies

Night 27 - Survive the zombie attack with most plants picked for you (Sunflower, Plantern, Zoom-shroom, Gloom-shroom)

Night 28 - Never have more than 25 plants; Don't lose more than 5 plants

Night 30 - Protect 5 zoom-shrooms

Night 31 - Survive the zombie attack with given plants (Twin Sunflower, Blover, Doom-shroom, Gloom-shroom, Pult-shroom, Pumpkin, Chili Bean); Kill 30 zombies in 1 second

There is one sun bean pre-planted on the lawn, exactly where buckethead gangster will appear as the first zombie.

Exclusive Brain Buster

Target Shooting

All zombies are gun shooters. They can shoot series of 30 shots whenever they want. Instead of lawn mowers you have 5 targets. Each target absorbs 40 NDS. If one is destroyed by zombies - you lose. You have to use zoom-shroom in a minecart to deflect all bullets and kill all the zombies with it.

Night 8 - 1 Minecart on the first column

Night 24 - 1 Minecart per each of three first columnes

Endless Zone

It's called Night Bank Robbery. (I'm opened for other name suggestions)

There aren't too much tunnels at beginning, they're never on 3rd column and further. However Miners can create them more. In high levels fog can cover whole lawn for most of the time.

Zombot Mecha-Drill-Inator

It's a big drill, it's moving around similair to Zombot Sharktronic Sub.


Drill Rush - classic 2 lanes killing.

Mini-Drill Launch - launches 4 mini-drills at 4 plants. Mini-drills act like rockets but also create silver tunnel exit and entry. So that's 2 tunnel tiles out of 4 mini-drills. They don't create other tunnel colors.

Zombie Summon - of course.

Boss Command - same thing as boss zombie, gives equipment and commands to gun shooters.

Underground Hiding - hides underground for a while to dodge attacks.

Fog Creating - creates some fog.

Fog Eating - zombot sucks and eats some fog and summons huge wave of zombies after that. It contains gangster flag and twice more zombies than usual zombie summon.

Summoned Zombies:

Each Phase - Gangster Trio, Gangster Imp, Imposter, Gun Shooter, Gangster Flag (Through Fog Eating Only)

Phase 1 - Spy, Iron Door

Phase 2 - Prisoner Gargantuar, Miner

Phase 3 - Spy, Prisoner Gargantuar, Miner, Stealer, Iron Door

Given Plants: Plantern (2), Zoom-shroom (5), Dirt-shroom, Pumpkin (12), Gloom-shroom (5), Pult-shroom (10), Doom-shroom (1 at a time and very rare), Spikerock (5)

7th, 8th and 9th columnes are destroyed and messed up so you can't plant there.




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