Here's the bunch of my zombie ideas for mesozoic marsh. There were lots of them, but those the final ones. There are EIGHT of them which is a lot, although 1 is not that special while 2 other zombies are technically 1.

Skullhead Zombie

Toughness: Machined (90)

Speed: Basic


Note: He's just like blockhead zombie. It's 100% sure that he'll be like that in an actual game.

Slingshot Zombie

Toughness: Protected (18)

Speed: Creeper

Special: Launches rocks at plants


Note: He's a bit similair to Hunter Zombie, he goes forward but occasionally stops and launches rocks at last plant in a row like Catapult Zombie.

Raptor Rider Zombie

Toughness: Dense (44)

Speed: Speedy

Special: Runs and jumps over plants


Note: An ultimate jetpack. He's tough and can't be blown away. There's dinoraptor zombie in the code, so it could be this.

Dino Sitter Zombie

Toughness: Dense (34)

Speed: Basic

Special: Throws eggs that hatch compsagnothus zombies


Note: She's similair to hunter zombie either, but more. Instead of snowballs she throws eggs at 3 tiles distance at any lane. Eggs hatch compsagnothus zombies that have around 3 second hatching animation and then run forward. 1 egg contains 1 compsagnothus zombie. She throws 1 egg at a time with same frequency as hunter zombie.

Compsagnothus Zombie

Toughness: Fragile (3)

Speed: Flighty (a bit slower than weasel)

Special: Hatches from an egg and runs forward at full speed


Note: Just a bit slower chicken/weasel with a bit more health. The main difference is being hatched from an egg.

Stegosaurus Rider Group

Toughness: Dense (44)

Speed: Stiff

Special: Spin around and kill all non-defensive plants on 3x3 area


Note: Tougher and slower MC Zom-B that doesn't need any sort of jam to activate its ability. There's dinostego in the code, so there has to be stegosaurus zombie, that's the only idea I came up with.

Shaman Zombie

Tougness: Protected (24)

Speed: Stiff

Special: Heals nearby zombies


Note: He uses the animations of jester. There's boogey woogey dance or something like that and then he spins around if there are zombies within range spreading the healing power in the procces. The zombies are healed by 5 HP each spin. Zombies with over 100 HP are healed by 10 HP instead. The healing can't restore armor like cones, buckets or dino skulls. It can magically restore arms though. Groups of those may be really deadly, especially because they can heal each other, so their ammount on the lawn is limited. They appear with a frequency of Boombox Zombies or something like that. Those are pretty rare, even in the Greatest Hits.

Triceratops Rider Zombie

Toughness: Machined (125)

Speed: Dynamic

Special: Speeds up while losing health


Note: It starts with creeper speed and speeds up 1 grade after losing every 25 HP up to speedy. It's pretty big, so if plant is outside the eating range (like in the middle of its body), it will crush it.


Pterodactyl Imp

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Hungry

Note: He takes part in an ambush called "Dino Drop!". It's same as "Bot Swarm!". He has animation of kinda flying. He's moving his arms like if they were wings. And actually he is costumed as pterodactyl so he has wings on the hands. The design is very similair to Imp Dragon but green.

Primitive Cave Gargantuar

Toughness: Great (180)

Speed: Basic

Damage: Crushes plants with a giant club

Special: Launches two pterodactyl imps at the same time instead of just one

Special: Has 20% chance to send out stunning shock wave

Note: The design is similair to imps riding a stegosaurus but has the face of Sloth Gargantuar. There's sort of wolverine's blades on his hands - claws of killed dinosaurs. He uses giant club as his weapon, each 5 crush sends out a shock wave similair to Hair Metal Gargantuar's, but it doesn't kill plants. It just stuns them for 5 seconds. He also has an "imp stadium" on his back. There's big slingshot with 1 imp on it and another one below that is launching the other imp. Accidentaly both imps are launched at the same time. "At the same time" is the key phrase making it different from sloth gargantuar. It works same as other gargantuars but with 2 imps, while sloth throws imp after absorbing every 45 NDS. The imps at first have the animation of bull rider but then they change it quickly to the "flying animation" that's exclusive to them.

Thanks for reading this. Don't forget to comment and say if you like it :D Better arts are appreciated too :)