It's my first blog, YAY! But don't get off-topic. I have some (a lot of) ideas about this world. I won't make everything instantly, but one day it'll be done.


Frozen Tiles

There are few columnes of them at right part of lawn. Similair to tide line, there is icycle line. If you plant on frozen tile, your plant will be frozen. Fire plants can unfreeze your plants by attacking them. Fire lobbed-shots can also melt frozen tiles. Torchwood, ghost pepper and flower pot can't be frozen. Plant planted on flower pot won't be frozen as well.

Cold Wind

Cold wind turns some columnes of regular ground into columnes of frozen tiles. It also freezes plants that aren't planted on flower pots. Of course torchwood, flower pot and ghost pepper won't be frozen. Plants and tiles behind icycle line can't be frozen.

Warm Wind

Warm wind actually melts frozen plants and tiles. That's good and helping gimmick.


Fog appears at right part of the lawn but can increase its range similair to water and frozen tiles. There isn't any line showimg its range. Player of course can't see through it. Blover can blow fog away for limited time and plantern gives light that eliminates fog.


It is an ambush of this world. It's same as sandstorm but has different look.

Freemium Plants

Flower Pot

Sun Cost: 25

Flower pot can't be frozen and another plant can be planted on top of it. Flower pot can be also planted on the bottom of another plant.

Toughness: Typical   Range: A tile   Recharge: Fast   

Plant Food Upgrade: Creates 4 more flower pots in a cross similair to lily pad.

Look: It looks like pot from zen garden but additionaly has eyes.


Sun Cost: 150

Pepper-pult shoots peppers that deal 2 damage points to a target and 2 fire splash damage to all other zombies in 3x3 area. It can unfreeze plants in 3x3 area by attacking too. Frozen tile where it shoot will be unfreezed as well.

Damage: Normal   Range: Lobbed   Area: 3x3   Firing Speed: 1/2   Recharge: Fast   

Plant Food Upgrade: Shoots jalapeno at row where there is the biggest number of zombies.

Look: It is an orange pepper, very similair to jalapeno but has a pult with small, orange pepper projectile.


Sun Cost: 50

Plantern lights up fog in 3x9 area. It has also buff - more HP.

Toughness: Elevated (36)   Range: 3x9   Recharge: Mediocre

Plant Food Upgrade: Gains golden armor that has 80 HP. Plantern lights up whole lawn as well.

Look: Like in chinesse version. Has same costume. When fed plant food it turns gold and makes brighter, more intense and shinny light.

Fire Peashooter

Sun Cost: 200

Fire peashooter shoots fire peas at zombies. They deal 2 damage and can also unfreeze plants.

Damage: Moderate   Range: Straight   Area: Single   Firing Speed: Normal   Recharge: Fast

Plant Food Upgrade: Shoots 60 fire peas straight at zombies.

Look: Same as hacked one.

Umbrella Leaf

Sun Cost: 100

Umbrella leaf bounces stuff uppon it on 3x3 area. This stuff are for example: octopis, lobbed projectiles such as rocks, parrots, jetpacks boosting over plants, launched imps, bug bots falling from the sky, swashbucklers swinging in, surfboards that fall when surfer dies (if he crushes plant, umbrella leaf won't bounce it), magic ray of wizard, laser beam of gargantuar prime, helmets that magnet-shroom is attracting (then he doesn't have to destroy helmet before being able to attract another one) etc.

Toughness: Typical   Range: 3x3   Recharge: Mediocre

Plant Food Upgrade: Permanently increases its range from 3x3 to 5x5. Additionaly it will collect sun, coins and gems within its range for you.

Look: Like in PvZ: AS


Sun Cost: 150

Mammoth-nut is basicly a combine of wall-nut and spikeweed. Similair to how pea-nut is combine of wall-nut and peashooter. Mammoth-nut has same toughness as wall-nut and has 2 fangs that reach next tile at front. Whenever zombies touch the fangs they'll take damage. It's same as damage of spikeweed.

Toughness: High (80)   Damage: Normal   Range: Close, on contact   Recharge: Mediocre

Plant Food Upgrade: Pulls every zombie in a row to him. Then deals 60 damage to all of them. Also gains light bone armor that has 36 HP.

Look: Like scrapped one.

Summer Melon

Sun Cost: 500

Summer melon shoots like regular melon but deals greater damage and burns zombies. Central attack deals 5 damage and burns for 5 seconds. Splash deals 3 damage and burns for 3 seconds. Burning deals 1 damage per second. Also summer melon can unfreeze plants and tiles. Damage: Heavy   Range: Lobbed   Area: 3x3   Firing Speed: 1/2   Burning: 5/3 seconds   Recharge: Fast Plant Food Upgrade: Fires a lot of fire melons at zombies. They deal same damage but burn zombies for 10 seconds.

Look: It's red and orange melon with some fire.

Premium Plants


Gem Cost: 109

Sun Cost: 200

Sling-wood shoots rocks every 4.5 seconds. It deals 5 damage and bounces zombie back like spring bean. After being bounced, zombie gains immunity for bouncing for 10 seconds. 

Damage: Moderate   Range: Straight   Area: Single   Firing Speed: 1/3   Recharge: Fast

Plant Food Upgrade: Turns into wooden volcano that has sap instead of lava. Then it explodes and launches its sap at entire lawn. All zombies takes 10 damage and are stunned for limited time. While they are stunned, they will take 50% greater damage (100% greater damage from lightning reed because the zombies are somehow wet).

Look: Like little tree with slingshot at back. Very similair to sap-fling.

Nuclear Cucumber

Gem Cost: 109

Sun Cost: 200

Nuclear Cucumber explodes and deals 90 damage to all zombies on the lawn.

Damage: Massive   Range: Entire lawn   Recharge: Slow

Look: Like in chinesse version.


Primitive Zombie

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Basic

Regular primitive, brainless zombie.

Primitive Zombie is bad in almost everything. He is too weak for mining and so awkward at curpentry. He can't run and hunt. He can't use weapons. He was thinking about cooking but he doesn't have brainz not only in his head.

Primitive Conehead Zombie

Toughness: Protected (28)

Speed: Basic

His wooden sculptured path cone makes him twice as tough as regular primitive.

Primitive Conehead is great in curpentry and sculpture. He made his path cone by himself! He's happy from that. He doesn't want to leave it. Now it goes everywhere with him. It protects him. If it's broken, he will repair it so quickly. They are like best friends.

Primitive Buckethead Zombie

Toughness: Hardened (65)

Speed: Basic

His stone covered iron bucket provides great protection from damage.

Mining is a passion of Buckethead Primitive. He loves being down there in deep mines. His stone pickaxe allows him to collect lots of stone. However he has never found an iron. But that's what he thinks. In fact, he collects lots of iron ore everyday, but he doesn't know it. Nobody wants to tell him truth as well. Other zombies think it's funny. Maybe his pickaxe is made of stone, but on head he wears bucket made of iron ore! That's why he is so tough. Keep it in your mind.

Primitive Flag Zombie

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Basic

Marks the arrival of huge, chilly "wave" of zombies.

His job is the worst! Primitive Flag has to always come at battles first. So he's always first victim. He hate it. He prefers spying way more. Regular primitive is a guy who doesn't have job! He should do this work! And those freaking comouflage zombies have stolen favorite job of Primitive Flag! He dreams about being one of them. He also have "flag" in the name! 

Primitive Imp

Toughness: Average (10)

Speed: Hungry

Brought by snowstorm over most of your defenses, then sneaks forward.

As the smallest and the quietest zombie around here, Primitive Imp is forced to hunt animals with heads full of brainz. But he can't do that. They always hear him and run away. How is this possible? Any zombie can't hear him. Hopefully for him, he's the best liar. He catches snails and says that they are made of brainz. Everyone trust him. Altough they don't feel taste of brainz while eating snails, they don't think Primitive Imp is lying. Still regular Primitive Zombie is scared of cooking it.

Saber-thooth Club Gargantuar

Toughness: Great (175)

Speed: Hungry

Huge primitive zombie that has theeth of saber-theeth that he hunted

You call him Head Hunter. You can call him Beast Hunter. But the true fact is that his imp always help him. While big cats are following imp, he can easily take'em out with his club! It's big and heavy, don't try to steal it. Anyway Saber-thooth Club Gargantuar loves teeth of saber-theeth. He use'em like his own theeth!

Slingshot Zombie

Catapult Zombie

Spear Zombie

Camouflage Zombie

Beehive Zombie

Ice Zombee

Shaman Zombie

Ice Block Zombie

Mammoth Rider Zombie

Dodo Zombie

Zombot Mastodon-o-tron