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  • Master3530

    This just has to be done, because making only plant class is not enough. Without further ado: let's begin.

    Those zombies are going to do anything in order to make plants disappear: straight out destroy them, sap their stats, get stronger, play on cards and use special traits like silence and confusion. Main tribe of this class are history zombies.

    A plant loses all abilities and buffs.

    Confusion X - When this hurts a plant, that plant loses X strength

    Jurassic Zombie (History Zombie)

    Cost: 1

    Stats: 1/1

    Rat Herder Zombie (History Pet Zombie)

    Cost: 2

    Stats: 2/1

    Gravestone, When revealed: A plant gets -1/-1

    Mummy Zombie (History Monster Zombie)

    Cost: 1

    Stats: 2/2

    Confusion 1

    Executioner Gargantuar (History Gargantuar Zombie)

    Cost: 6

    Stats: 5/5

    Gravestone, When rev…

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  • Master3530

    So basically I saw Zombotanist's blog about his plant class idea and got inspired, so now I'm making a blog about my idea.

    This class is heavily relying on tricks, while not having as many fighters as other classes. The fighters though, are powerful, using afterlife, toxic, afterburn and stun along with doing direct damage and destroying zombies. So do tricks. Those can also summon plants, just like more spore. The main tribe of this class are peppers.

    Toxic X/Y - When a zombie or zombie hero is hurt it takes X damage at the end of next Y turns. That includes turn its hurt in.

    Afterburn X/Y - When a zombie is hurt it takes X damage at the end of next Y turns. That includes turn its hurt in.

    Stun for X turns - A zombie skips its next X attacks. …

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  • Master3530

    My ideas for Mesozoic Marsh

    September 25, 2015 by Master3530

    Here's the bunch of my zombie ideas for mesozoic marsh. There were lots of them, but those the final ones. There are EIGHT of them which is a lot, although 1 is not that special while 2 other zombies are technically 1.

    Toughness: Machined (90)

    Speed: Basic

    Note: He's just like blockhead zombie. It's 100% sure that he'll be like that in an actual game.

    Toughness: Protected (18)

    Speed: Creeper

    Special: Launches rocks at plants

    Note: He's a bit similair to Hunter Zombie, he goes forward but occasionally stops and launches rocks at last plant in a row like Catapult Zombie.

    Toughness: Dense (44)

    Speed: Speedy

    Special: Runs and jumps over plants

    Note: An ultimate jetpack. He's tough and can't be blown away. There's dinoraptor zombie in the code, so it coul…

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  • Master3530

    I just came up with great idea and I want to share it here :P

    War is coming soon and those zombies are starting being upset. Main goal - steal all brains around here. Can the plant cops stop the mafia zombies? Or undead criminality will win and take care of the world? Travel back to 1930s and check that out! Help in fighting the evil of yesteryear, save the world and become a garden hero!

    +31 Levels!

    +1 Endless Zone!

    +6 Plants!

    +2 Upgrades!

    +1 Boss Battle!

    • Night Time
    • Fog - can increase and decrease its ammount.
    • Tunnels - the zombies can go from entry to the exit, kinda like portals in portal kombat, but they are tiles and block you from planting on them. There are 4 basic colors like power tiles in far future. There's 5th purple one created by Mine…

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  • Master3530

    My Ice Age Idea

    November 22, 2014 by Master3530

    It's my first blog, YAY! But don't get off-topic. I have some (a lot of) ideas about this world. I won't make everything instantly, but one day it'll be done.

    There are few columnes of them at right part of lawn. Similair to tide line, there is icycle line. If you plant on frozen tile, your plant will be frozen. Fire plants can unfreeze your plants by attacking them. Fire lobbed-shots can also melt frozen tiles. Torchwood, ghost pepper and flower pot can't be frozen. Plant planted on flower pot won't be frozen as well.

    Cold wind turns some columnes of regular ground into columnes of frozen tiles. It also freezes plants that aren't planted on flower pots. Of course torchwood, flower pot and ghost pepper won't be frozen. Plants and tiles behin…

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