So I decided to do a blog...

Sorry in advance..

So I thought up a world, way back when Far Future came out (In other words the stone age), and so here it is.L

I should also mention that some of these ideas orgininated from my partner in crime, King Pea.


Main Theme: Something like this:

Seed Select: I know it has no music but stick a couple notes in there and then BAM! Seed select made!


Smog: Basically fog...

Oil Slick: Cannot be planted on. Explodes in a 3x3 area (that kills plants and zombies) if touched by fire.

(Maybe) Mines and Elevators: Instead of just one board there's 2! The second board is the underground mines, and can be seen by tapping some sort of button. It is only a 3x9 board, and zombies aren't as common there, but it still must be defended! There are tiles that act as elevators and when tapped, they send the plant down to the mines. You can also plant there normally. Fog will never appear there and oil slick cannot naturally appear. The elevators are only in the 3 middle most rows.


Light Bulb (75 Sun): Lights up a 4x4 area. Plant Food: Lights up a 5x5 area. Begins to do 0.5 DPS to any zombies in that area.

Robo-nut (300 Sun): Creates a row of defenses over time. The robotic nuts have a slightly higher defense than the original nut, which has the health of a Wall-nut. Plant Food: Instantly finishes the adjacent nuts and the original nut gains extra defense.

Garlic (50 Sun): Same as PvZ 1. Plant Food: Creates a 3x3 cloud of stench than kills any zombies caught in it.

Duria-pult (375 Sun): A Melon-pult with extra health, and the ability to pop blimps (you'll see)! Yes, zombies eating it will get slightly damaged. Plant Food: Gee I wonder... (Every pult's Plant Food effect)

Umbrella Leaf (125 Sun): Same as PvZ 1. Plant Food: (Idk. Can't come up with a good one...but that's where User (yes you!) comes in!)

S.E.E.D. (50 Sun): Dismantles machines. No Plant Food (Instant use)

Frankenberry (175 Sun): Turns plants into machines, thus increasing their rate of fire and health.

Manufactree (550 Sun): Able to shoot explosive apple anywhere on the board. The apples to massive damage in a 3x3 area, however the rate of fire is slow. 

Poppy (150 Sun): Also known as the plant of luck, Poppy is able to shoot any kind of projectile (from kernals to bananas) to any zombie on the board. Plant Food: Shoot 20 random projectiles to random zombies.


Steampunk Zombie, Steampunk Conehead, Steampunk Buckethead, and Steampunk Flag Zombie: Self explanatory. Their headwear (Basic and Flag have a top hat) creates the smog. If there are none of these zombies on the board there will be no smog. The amount of smog is not affected by the amount of these zombies though.

Rocket Imp: When damaged enough he will be shot far into the lawn by his rocket.

Smokestack Gargantuar: Smash plants with a smokestack and able to throw Rocket Imps. Because the smokestack is so large, when he smashes, he is able to take out two plants at once.

Engineer Zombie: Creates robotic versions of plants to fight against you. St him is that instead of a charge attack that takes up tow lanes, he sends out a train that takes up one lane, but can also switch lanesun-producers are instead healers for the zombies. Weakness: S.E.E.D. 

Oil Spill Zombie: Creates oil slick on tiles. If he comes into contact with fire he explodes in a 5x5 area. He's also blind...

Employee Zombies: A group of zombis that carry a board across rows, similar to Infi-nut's Plant Food effect.

Miner Zombie (Originated from King Pea): Commonly appears in the mines. More or less the same as Digger Zombie from PvZ 1.  Weakness: Magnet-shroom.

Blowtorch Zombie (Originated from King Pea): Uses a blowtorch to shoot a flame 4 spaces in front of him. Burns plants, and don't let him touch Oil Spill Zombie or oil slick. He won't "fire" (hah...) unless he can hit a plant. 

Balloon Zombie Beta: Rides a bicycle attached to a blimp balloon with rope. The bicycle keeps the blimp flying. His blimp can be popped by Duria-pult, in which case he'll procede as a normal zombie. Weakness; Duria-pult.

Zombot Industrial Inductor: The Zombot of the era! The major thing about him is that instead of a charge attack that takes up tow lanes, he sends out a train that takes up one lane, but can also switch lane. His missile attack shoots Rocket Imps so not only is the plant destroyed, but you have to be careful of the Rocket Imp as well. 

I'm too tired to do all the stats stuff so I'll do that some other time. But there you go. I already said sorry...