As I am about to start my OJT soon, I would like to share my thoughts about things about my PvZ comics.

Chapter 3 Page 14

Magicwaterz's PvZ comic C3P14

My comics is currently on Chapter 3, Page 14. This chapter mostly focuses on Ivy and Maya taking care of Emily's Garden for a day while she's away. However, things are not easy as it seems. Plants complaining, messes everywhere, and Crazy Dave shows up being crazy. Recently, 2 new plants have arrived and they are from Plantagonia, Aspearagus and Beet. One of them has an odd reaction to a 'B' word.

I plan to include 2 more plants from PvZA to showcase them. The rest will get their own story once PvZ story has finished. The plants here turn into human (except for Imitater for he can imitate anything) due to a spray which initially ought to improve the strengths of the plant. There are also pairings between characters, notably Peashooter and Sunflower. What other couples do you like to see?

PvZ Grasswalk

PvZ Grasswalk Plant characters

This here are the humanized plant characters of my PvZ comic, more can be found in my deviantArt page: link

In the games, you are able to sell your plant to earn money. In my comics, a similar thing happens but it is called an adoption. In Chapter 1, a Pink Marigold was adopted by an old lady at the beginning. 2 of the plants were adopted with the main Human characters as of now, Doom-shroom to Maya and Chomper to Ivy. Because they were turned into human, they nicknamed them as Duke and Chad, respectively, to prevent Emily from finding out.

Now for the future things to come in PvZ:

  • A kidnapping will occur and it's up to Repeater to stop it.
  • A nice beach vacation.
  • Snow Pea's wish to do something.
  • A zombie attack at Emily's house.
  • Nightmares occur to certain characters.
  • A contest with Zomboni against a Zamboni driver.
  • A mystery in a thunderstorm.
  • Revelation to Emily.
  • Characters are trapped by Dr. Zomboss as part of his diabolical plan.

Afterwards, a simultaneous release of a story arc of PvZA and PvZ2. PvZA takes place prior to Dr. Zomboss' attack while PvZ2 takes place 3 months after PvZ. For PvZGW, a special short comic will be featured. In it Sunflower becomes trigger-happy (gulp) and Repeater gets jealous of Peashooter for gaining extra abilities. A funny moment will occur as the Plants (Cactus, Peashooter, Sunflower, and Chomper) fight against the Zombies (All-Star, Engineer, Foot Soldier, Scientist) as they take part, forcefully, in an annual paintball challenge.

I almost made 2 art memes on deviantArt, it is currently for PvZ and PvZ2. PvZA and PvZGW will be available soon. It can be found in my Gallery page of my deviantArt userpage, under the name Plants vs. Zombies. For those who think they can draw, please do try it.