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  • Magicwaterz

    Hey there, I am currently making a Tower Defense game and I thought it would be fun to add some users here in the wiki. Click on these two links to check out the towers and enemy list:

    List of Towers

    List of Enemies

    What you do is just comment your User name and rephrase the Description, Special, and Flavor Text.

    Do not include these following though:

    Mana Tower, All the Balloons, the Bosses (aka those with over 1000 HP), the Bonus enemies, WJSQD LVDZG, Link Tower, and Boomerang Tower.

    Here's a sample:

    Mana Tower- Magicwaterz; Magicwaterz waters out weird magic orbs; No one has studied Magicwaterz before other than that he claims he's neither watery nor magical despite watering out magical orbs.

    This will not be finished soon though because I'm st…

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  • Magicwaterz

    Hello there!

    I just like to share a series of strips of what happens on the chat sometimes when I'm online.

    Due note that this is a JOKE and for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only and are not meant to take it seriously.

    Remember, I can only make this if there is something significantly absurd or funny happening during the chat.

    Users Featured: Magicwaterz, Vebros, Mage General Chrysalis (now Marcia Aeris), IMCR8Z, and Darytyg The Furry Darryn

    Coming Soon...

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  • Magicwaterz

    The game that I have made

    February 23, 2016 by Magicwaterz

    Hey there...

    I have been working on this tower defense game for quite some time now.

    I have released an alpha version to the GMC forums.

    If you have tried it, you can give feedback as to what needs improving.

    If you have ideas, feel free to suggest.

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  • Magicwaterz

    SPECIAL mention to Iamarepeater for making such trap or lucky number slots, and probably Brainulator as well...

    UPDATE: This blog will not be accepting anymore request because seriously! Just look at the list!

    As everyone must have known by now, I have recently made PvZ gijinka artwork. A mix of regular gijinka art and some of the  ones. Do note that these gijinkas are actually my OCs.

    The ones I made so far are Beeshooter (shirtless), Sunflower, Torchwood (shirtless), and Sweet Potato (Bikini). And of course, these plants are my OCs.

    The next ones on the list are Red Stinger, Banana Launcher, Shrinking Violer, Ghost Pepper (Bikini), and Blooming Heart (Bikini).

    If you have any plants you want to be humanized, feel free to comment below.

    Do note…

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  • Magicwaterz


    I have my enemies, items, and towers listed to appear.

    I know who my characters are...

    I know what the levels are...

    And I know how it should be played...

    There are some things that bother me...

    1) Should I add a VS mode? This actually requires online connectivity...

    2) Will my game be free with purchasable content, or there's a free trial and the full game is paid?

    3) Should I add DLCs?

    Note: I am not planning to release it on mobile devices because my version of GM: Studio Standard doesn't have that option yet... What do you think guys?

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