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  • I live in The Cosmos Diemension
  • My occupation is Keeping my Holodesguise 2000 ready so I can work for Dr Zomboss as "One of them"
  • I am Male

    My GW2 ideas

    December 28, 2016 by MR Z BRAINZ

    Here are some of my Gw2 ideas that I can store in this blog for nobody to see

    To finish off the fire plants.

    Its primary weapon is the Magma Beam. It has unlimited ammo like most Citron Variants. The volcanic citron has Molten armour on it and a volcano helmet. It is Rare.

    Its primary weapon is Vampiric Beam. It has unlimited ammo and and like Vampire Flower, you get healed when you attack. It has less health than other citrons. It is Super Rare.

    It's primary weapon is the Clockwork Cannon. It fires gears like Electro Citron, Toxic citron and iron citron. It's firing rate increases like Breakfast Brainz. It's Super Rare.

    It fires single shots that deal massive splash damage. It's primary weapon is the Octo Blaster. It's Z-Mech looks like an oct…

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    hei geys en dis blag u well esk meh qwestens end ie wel enser dem

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    Octo zombie is annoying. Use tangle weed.

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