Hello guize

As people already likely have noticed, there has been an ongoing war about who is better:

The cobby Cob Cannon


the derpy Banana Cannon

So now, i'm gonna try to point out their strenghts and weaknesses, to put an end to this.



Banana Launcher shoots a banana which gets down very quick. +2 points for that. However, the banana deals only about 60 damage, which is much less than Cob Cannon. However, +4 points for the good damage. It also only has 1x1 AoE (3x3 in china, but well, we're talking about International), +1 point for the AoE.

Cob Cannon shoots a cob which gets down a tad bit slower than Banana Launcher's Banana. +1 point for that. However, the Cob deals 90 damage, which is 30 more than the Banana Launcher. +6 points for the good damage. Also, it has 3x3 AoE. +3 points for the AoE.

BL: 6 points.

CC: 10 points

CC won this one.


Banana-Launcher takes only 1 space, while Cob Cannon is the only plant that actually takes TWO spaces. Taking into account that Banana Launcher deals 1x1 and 60 damage, that's pretty good. +10 points for the overall effectiveness.

Now Cob Cannon takes 2 spaces, as i already mentioned, but it has 3x3 AoE and 90 damage, making the AoE 3x as effective, and +30 damage for the damage. But as spaces get lower in the sequel, which is prioritized most, Banana Launcher really gets to shine in this part. But because of the effectiveness of all, i give it also a +10 points.



You all saw this coming. Most people prefer Banana Launcher because of the cost, but still, we're going to cover it. Well, i am alone but-- Oh forget it.

Banana Launcher costs only 500, which is 200 less, Since he's in PvZ2, 200 isn't that much (just 4 suns), whereas in PvZ2, it would be 8 suns more. But however, since it deals 30 less, and 3x less AoE, i'd have to say, + 15 for that.

Cob Cannon costs 700, which is 200 more, but as we already covered up there, blahblah blah PvZ1 8 suns more blahblah PvZ2 4 suns more, yeah.. However, He deals 30 more and 3x bigger AoE, i have to give him 16 for that.

CC wins this one, but close match.


Cob Cannon is a long dude (oh god that sounds awfully wrong) with does not give a flop about anything, with those red eyes and a cob sticking out of his mouth, on those logs and wheels: +9999999! Nah just kidding, + 20

Banana Launcher is a high dude (not in that way) (oh god that sounds more awfully wrong) with those derpy eyes, just sitting there, not caring a flop about anything: + 20.


Who won?

Let's count the points.

Cob Cannon: Great score of 56 points!

Banana Launcher: Great score of 51 points!

This means, COB CANNON WON!

This was close though, Cob Cannon only won with 5 points more!