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July 19, 2015
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  • MN321

    Hello guize

    As people already likely have noticed, there has been an ongoing war about who is better:

    The cobby Cob Cannon


    the derpy Banana Cannon

    So now, i'm gonna try to point out their strenghts and weaknesses, to put an end to this.

    Banana Launcher shoots a banana which gets down very quick. +2 points for that. However, the banana deals only about 60 damage, which is much less than Cob Cannon. However, +4 points for the good damage. It also only has 1x1 AoE (3x3 in china, but well, we're talking about International), +1 point for the AoE.

    Cob Cannon shoots a cob which gets down a tad bit slower than Banana Launcher's Banana. +1 point for that. However, the Cob deals 90 damage, which is 30 more than the Banana Launcher. +6 points for the go…

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