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Lumino66 March 18, 2012 User blog:Lumino66

I had a multiple days of stories.hope u can had fun with!


one day,a peashooter has been provided by the farmers that they can plant it as a protector.

A FEW DAYS AGO................

a Peashooter has grews into kid,and later he found a daisies speaking themselves.

a Squash fells on the ground,and dies!!!!!

then a Peashooter sleeps.......(night)


a Peashooter wakes,and found a Repeater,Gatling Pea and Cob Cannon!!

a Peashooter awakeneds that he can't see his friends!

  • Peashooter:(gets very angered)WHERE IS MY FRIENDS??!!! DID YOU HIT THEM???
  • Marigold:we are sneaking....................

Peashooter hears that......


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