My strategy is on the right.

My Strategy

I modified lawnstrings.txt, that's why it says "I-click Upang Ituloy" instead of "Click to Continue".


  1. Why it says I-click Upang Ituloy? I changed PvZ's language to Filipino.

Plants are what for?

  1. Spikerocks = Digger Zombies and to stop both Gargantuars' walk
  2. Cob Cannons = Gargantuars and Giga-gargantuars
  3. Cattails = Balloon Zombies
  4. Umbrella Leafs = Bungee Zombies
  5. Magnet-shrooms = To defeat Football Zombies easily
  6. Gloom-shrooms = Pool Defense
  7. Twin Sunflowers = sun
  8. Garlics = To move zombies to lanes where Glooms can shoot zombies
  9. Gatling peas, torchwoods and fume-shrooms = For killing zombies