• AStranger195

    Can you do what I can do?

    1. Complete Adventure Mode 3 times.
    2. Get the Golden Sunflower Trophy.
    3. Filled the Zen Garden. (It's OK if Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden aren't filled with plants yet)
    4. Bought all in the Twiddydinkies expect for some things that can't be sold out
    5. Make it to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless
    6. Make it to a streak of 100 in I, Zombie Endless
    7. Make it to a streak of 60 in Survival Endless
    8. Make Tree of Wisdom 5000 feet tall.
    9. Complete all mini-games including cancelled except endless.
    10. Make it to a streak of 25 in Survival Day, Night, Fog, Roof Endless
    11. Complete all achievements. (@MvZMW, just for your PvZ version)
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  • AStranger195

    My Strategy

    January 21, 2013 by AStranger195

    My strategy is on the right.


    1. Why it says I-click Upang Ituloy? I changed PvZ's language to Filipino.

    Plants are what for?

    1. Spikerocks = Digger Zombies and to stop both Gargantuars' walk
    2. Cob Cannons = Gargantuars and Giga-gargantuars
    3. Cattails = Balloon Zombies
    4. Umbrella Leafs = Bungee Zombies
    5. Magnet-shrooms = To defeat Football Zombies easily
    6. Gloom-shrooms = Pool Defense
    7. Twin Sunflowers = sun
    8. Garlics = To move zombies to lanes where Glooms can shoot zombies
    9. Gatling peas, torchwoods and fume-shrooms = For killing zombies
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