Hi guys, don't criticise my thoughts. If you want to express your thoughts, comment!

Peashooter: 7/10 Good plant, but useless in roof levels

Sunflower: 10/10 I like this plant!

Cherry Bomb: 8/10 Um... It's okay.

Wall-nut: 8/10 It can withstand 72 bites, but when it encounter smashes, it's a bye-bye.

Potato Mine: 10/10 You need that in every level.

Snow Pea: 9/10 Good plant, but useless in roof levels

Chomper: 0/10 Horrible plant!

Repeater: 10/10 Good one, it's appearence is fierce!

Puff-shroom: 10/10 You need that in every night level.

Sun-shroom: 10/10 Replacement of Sunflower in night levels as sunflowers are expensive.

Fume-shroom: 6/10 You don't need that after you have magnet-shrooms.

Grave Buster: 10/10 Removing graves

Hypno-shroom: 8/10 It hypnotizes zombies, especially strong ones, but useless against some zombies

Scaredy-shroom: 7/10 Replacement of Peashooter, but it is scared.

Ice-shroom: 10/10 Handiful in waves

Doom-shroom: 7/10 Like a nuclear bomb, but it leaves a crate

Lily pad: 10/10 Necessary!

Squash: 8/10 A small radius

Threepeater: 3/10 I rather plant 3 peashooters!

Tangle Kelp: 5/10 I hardly use that plant

Jalapeno: 10/10 Good plant!

Spikeweed: 5/10 I prefer its upgrade.

Torchwood: 10/10 Love it!

Tall-nut: 9/10 Can withstand 144 bites, but useless against smash

Sea-shroom: 9/10 Aquatic puff-shroom, but slow recharge.

Plantern: 10/10 Clear fog.

Cactus: 6/10 It's expensive.

Blover: 8/10 I like that plant, but it can't clear fog. It only blows it away. :P

Split Pea: 4/10 I don't use it.

Starfruit: 1/10 Can't shoot accurately, but only shooting accurately at the back where the house is.

Pumpkin: 9.5/10 Good plant but expensive.

Magnet-shroom: 10/10 My favourite plant!

Cabbage-pult: 9/10 Satisfying plant!

Kernel-pult: 8/10 You can't expect too much from him

Flower Pot: 10/10

Coffee Bean: 10/10 Good plant, it wakes up mushrooms.

Garlic: 3/10 I don't use it.

Umbrella Leaf: 7/10 It takes up valuable spaces.

Marigold: 1/10 I don't gold-farm.

Melon-pult: 10/10 Best plant! Better than cabbage-pult.

As for upgrade plants, I will do it another day. Bye guys!