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  • LucasH181

    Back to Brainball

    November 19, 2013 by LucasH181

    I'm playing PvZA again, Brainball. I started with 3 brains, found 16 brains (lucky!) from a user with 19 brains and 2 brains from a user with 9 brains. Now I'm top! Yeah!

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  • LucasH181

    No Edits

    November 6, 2013 by LucasH181

    Due to the fact that this wiki has rich information about Plants vs. Zombies, I can't edit or add anything. I'm so sad... :(

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  • LucasH181

    Plant's Ratings!

    October 17, 2013 by LucasH181

    Hi guys, don't criticise my thoughts. If you want to express your thoughts, comment!

    Peashooter: 7/10 Good plant, but useless in roof levels

    Sunflower: 10/10 I like this plant!

    Cherry Bomb: 8/10 Um... It's okay.

    Wall-nut: 8/10 It can withstand 72 bites, but when it encounter smashes, it's a bye-bye.

    Potato Mine: 10/10 You need that in every level.

    Snow Pea: 9/10 Good plant, but useless in roof levels

    Chomper: 0/10 Horrible plant!

    Repeater: 10/10 Good one, it's appearence is fierce!

    Puff-shroom: 10/10 You need that in every night level.

    Sun-shroom: 10/10 Replacement of Sunflower in night levels as sunflowers are expensive.

    Fume-shroom: 6/10 You don't need that after you have magnet-shrooms.

    Grave Buster: 10/10 Removing graves

    Hypno-shroom: 8/10 It hypno…

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  • LucasH181

    First Blog Post

    October 16, 2013 by LucasH181

    Hey guys, I am new to this wiki. May someone show me the ropes? And, I may not be active all the time. ;)

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