So yeah, with these bunch of guys making worlds for PvZ2, I've decided that I'd also make one, based on PvZ 1. It's called the Present, and there's five areas of the world, consisting of Day, Night, Pool, Fog and Roof.

Level Prizes!

Day 1: Chomper

Day 2: Money

Day 3: Pumpkin (yeah, I know he doesn't appear in day, but get used to it.)

Day 4: Extra Seed Slot

Day 5: Costume/Power-up

Day 6: Fume-Shroom (Well, there's already going to be a Dark Ages world featuring the other mushrooms.)

Day 7: Hypno Shroom

Day 8: Gargantuar!

Day 9: Coffee Bean

Day 10: Lily Pad

Day 11: moar coins

Day 12: Tangle Kelp

Day 13: Cattail

Day 14: A Present for you!

Day 15: Sea-shroom

Day 16: Cactus

Day 17: Plantern

Day 18: Magnet Shroom

Day 19: Present

Day 20: Coins

Day 21: Flower Pot

Day 22: 25% Sun Refund

Day 23: Garlic

Day 24: Umbrella Leaf

Day 25: Zombot Nostalagia-er.

Plant Foods!

Chomper: Chomps every zombie on-screen.

Pumpkin: Gets armored, therefore doubling it's health.

Fume-Shroom: Doubles it's shooting range.

Hypno Shroom: Hypnotizes the strongest zombie in each of the five lanes.

Coffee Bean: none

Lily Pad: Makes two more Lily Pads.

Tangle Kelp: Tangles every zombie in the water.

Cattail: Shoots a lot of spikes at every zombie on the screen.

Sea-shroom: Shoots a bunch of spores at the nearest zombie.

Cactus: Like the Peashooter's, but with spikes.

Plantern: Lights up the whole screen, blinding zombies and removing all the fog.

Magnet Shroom: Steals every headgear on the screen.

Garlic: Emits a stentch the makes every zombie go back one row.

Umbrella Leaf: Shields every plant from the zombies.


Note that all the zombies here do what they did in the first game.

Pole Vaulting Zombie

Newspaper Zombie

Screen Door Zombie

Football Zombie

Dancing Zombie and Backup Dancer

Ducky Tube Zombie

Snorkel Zombie

Zomboni and Bobsled Team

Dolphin Rider

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie

Balloon Zombie

Digger Zombie

Pogo Zombie

Bungee Zombie

Ladder Zombie

Catapult Zombie

and the original Zombot.

The Premium Plant

The Premium Plant for this world is: Aspearagus from PvZ Adventures.


Coming Soon.