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    Goodbye, yo's. It's been a good run but I'm afraid it's time for me to go. I've had great memories here but I'm afraid that it's time to start a new chapter of my life. Ever since I started on this wiki back in 2013, I've seen it change. Honestly 2013 wiki was more fun, but then again all I did there was roleplay and partake in forum games. 2015 chat was pretty fun too. But still, it's time for me to finally go. That doesn't mean you have to stop seeing me. I'm on other sites too, y'know. I'll link to them in the bottom.

    But first, let's analyse why I'm leaving. Recently, the wiki's been starting to get less amusing. I'm comparing it to Modern Simpsons while old wiki is Classic Simpsons. Back then, the place felt more over the top as oppose…

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    UnPvZ Wiki

    April 2, 2016 by Lolwutburger

    I've recently thought of making some sort of Uncyclopedia like thing for PvZ. Mostly because there's a ton of good stuff to work on and parody, like Hard-Nut, Sausage Imp and many more. In the spirit of the UnMario wiki, here's some sort of parody wiki for the PvZ series.

    UnPvZ wiki

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    Today, yay it's my birthday! It is the day when I was... BOOOOOOOOOOOORN!

    So, yeah. This marks the day of my 14th birthday. Here's to another year of pain and misery for real life me, and the exact opposite of that for internet me!

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    To celebrate Molderplz2's 6 month banning for stealing my, and others' art, I have finally returned to making PvZ2-esque art!

    - done!
    • Aspearagus
    • GW2 Citron
    • Kernel Corn
    • GW2 Imp
    • Deadbeard
    • Super Brainz
    • Power Flower
    • Probably a Chinese plant
    • Probably someone from the comics
    • A PvZA human character
    • Some PvZA zombies
    • Some PvZ1 zombies
    • Remakes of the GW1 classes?
    • Me :D
    • Random props
    • The house!
    • Crossovers with other PopCap/EA (yes, EA) titles
    • WEEDS (The GW2 weeds, not that weed.... I mean, that weed's alread in PvZ2 for crying out loud.)
    • If GW2 has confirmed gnomes, maybe those?
    • Dave's RV!
    • If I finish most of these by April, I'll open up fanplant requests on PvZCC!

    You may, if you give credit. If you plan on using your art for a game, animation, Rule 34, or other, find me …

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    December 21, 2015 by Lolwutburger

    I've decided to bring satire onto most issues in this wiki. So, yeah. I comicized them. Good job, me.

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