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Thanks to Cindy, the zombie apocalypse was stopped at a halt before any human beings were harmed. And even though as a peashooter I'm bigger and taller than her, I still cannot feel superior sitting next to her in this spaceship cabin. It's quite astonishing that her sudden burst of courage was strong enough to drive her to run right towards Dr Zomboss, and even more inspiring how she could love her friends so deeply and strongly. When us plants first met her she certainly wasn't like that. To be honest, she reminded me of those four spoiled kids from an Earth movie called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Cindy has one arm wrapped around me and the other around Helianthus, with Nix bouncing up and down in her lap. "You're such a good friend Peculius!" she announces quite loudly, trying to lean on my non-existent shoulder, probably oweing to how I ordered her favourite dessert for her. "Where's your share?" she asks.

I call up Sol. "Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and hundreds and thousands please! And don't forget the strawberry wafers."

"Okay, okay," Sol groans monotonously before sighing. "Just use me as a slave hey."

Cindy grabs Nix, put him on the edge of the sofa, and stands up. "Let me help you," she offers to Sol sweetly. "And thank you for the yoghurt, the honey was really nice!"

This always seems to work on Sol. She just loves being complimented for her efforts. You can tell her to make everyone's bed, and when she refuses, just say something like "oh come on Sol you're the most kind, helpful and generous mushroom in PvZ" and she'll actually make everyone's bed plus clean everyone's room until they're spotless.

"We are going to enter the Black Hole MG-43 within T minus 3 minutes," Dr Zomboss' robotic voice enters through the spaceship control panel. "Please fasten your seatbelts and adjust yourselves into the emergency brace position in case of strong turbulence."

I start feeling a tad sad. Once we enter the universe where Earth is located, it won't be soon from farewelling Cindy. Our first human friend, such a lovely person.

The time comes for Cindy to return to her normal human life, back into her room five minutes before she dropped her DS. Dr Zomboss designed a portal leading there from our spaceship especially for that, so that we would not be noticed by humans. At the end of the portal, we all join arms in a group hug. Even Nivos sheds a tear. "I'll miss you all," Cindy sobs out her words, wiping her eyes. "Will I ever get to see you guys again?"

"Definitely," I reply firmly, and all the other plants nod.

"Yes! I'm gonna see Cindy again!" Nix exclaims cheerfully, bouncing onto Sol's head.

"Goodbye," Cindy manages a big smile, waving at us as the portal closes and disappearing out of our sight. This is no time for being sad and droopy - we have other important things to do. Dr Zomboss is going to negotiate with human leaders regarding living on Earth. We walk back to our spaceship, our hearts filled with worries and uncertainty about the zombies' future.

Surprisingly, the interview with humans went quite well. Even though there were army troops gathered around our seemingly alien UFO entrance, the politician who greeted us was calm, and offered to shake hands with Dr Zomboss first. And since zombies were once human, they could communicate perfectly well, and soon the icy barriers melted, and all over the news were positive reports on the zombies' decision of reconciliation.

The biggest concern however, is not that the appearance and past reputation of zombies may cause social disturbances and unsettlement, but that their settlement on Earth may trigger the intensification of existing environmental problems. The Earth's resources are already being overused by the overpopulating humans, leading to climate change and the decline of habitats for other creatures on the planet, yet poverty still exists in many places. If everyone lives like a typical American, the humans would be needing four Earths. This obviously isn't looking good for any newcomers who are looking to set in. In desperate need for ideas, Dr Zomboss invites me on a beachside walk where we can discuss any issues.

The sunset paints the sky and sea into beautiful tints, and Dr Zomboss sighs looking out towards where the waves are coming in. "Look, I really don't want this lovely planet to be destroyed," he says. "But our journey is irreversible - it would take at least another millennium to build a spaceship which can enable us to return to my universe."

"Have you thought of other options within this universe then?" I ask. "Perhaps Gliese581c?"

"That would take light-years..." Dr Zomboss sighs again, looking up into the sky. And suddenly, I catch a spark in his eyes, as he turns around with an "I have an idea" expression on his face. "Do you see that?" he exclaims, pointing upwards.

I look up at a greyish, glowing object in the darkening sky, which I think is called Luna or moon or something like that.

"Settling THERE?" I ask in disbelief. "But we already researched - none of the other heavenly bodies in the Solar System are suitable for life."

Dr Zomboss grins knowingly. "I'm Dr Zomboss," he whispers loudly. "Do you actually think that there is one thing I cannot do?"

"Um... eat your own brains?"

Dr Zomboss' plan is to weave an atmosphere around the Moon in order to sustain its temperature, and dispose organic matter onto its surface to found its basis for life. Using his specially developed Uber Fertilizer, the process of evolution on the Moon could take just six months for a healthy, sustainable biosphere and food chain to fully develop. And us plants and all the other zombies get to spend our days in the labs, having fun working with optic equipment and doing chemical experiments. And of course, we won't forget to spend some spare time sunbathing under the light of the yellow dwarf star sharing a name with Sol. Nix got quite happy knowing that he himself shares a name with one of Pluto's tiny moons, but also had a bit of a sulk when we told him that Pluto isn't a planet anymore.

And yes, we are ready for our first expedition to the Moon - to sew the first seed of life on Earth's barren satellite.

"And I'll be starting tourism services as soon as possible, so don't be bothered that you're not going to see us for a while!" he shouts out to the crowd just before take-off.

The trip has been a safe and sound one, and we entered the atmosphere of the Moon in no time, where we know that special zombie workers who has been there for the past six months would be welcoming us from below in the Sea of Tranquility. But at the time and site set for landing, we could not see any.

"Those latecomers," Conehead snorts. "The Yeti bloke for one ain't a trustworthy one at all, you never know when he shows up."

"Maybe he plans to make a surprise appearance again this time?" says Buckethead.

"I think we should call Lunar headquarters, let them know that we're here," I suggest.

"You make the call then," Nivos says, still acting as cool as a snow pea.

What a shame on the Peashooter family, I think to myself as I pick up the video phone. But static is all that shows up.

"Yeti? Bungee? Catapult?" I speak as loud as I can. "Any of you there?"

Nothing but the sizzling sound of cosmic radiation can be heard. I sigh and put the phone back. "Something might be wrong with their external connection setup."

"But what's that thing there?" Buckethead interjects, pointing towards the cabin window.

We all look out, and see a dark green dome-shaped building behind a hill. And our base is supposed to be a clear greenhouse, so it mustn't be it.

Just as we're all confuzzled about the situation, Dr Zomboss notifies us through the PA system that the radar has detected a foundation that has not been mapped by any of our Lunar expedition records. "If you see any unfamiliar built structures outside, please record its appearance," he orders.

It has come to our conclusion that another clan of living organisms had settled on the Moon before we are able to establish our colony there. Based on the description of the built structure of their building, we can assume that they are not carbon-based life forms, and certainly not from within the Solar system. They do not seem to have any device supplying them with oxygen and water, or to sustain temperature within, even though the temperatures on the Moon are still very extreme, as we have not woven an atmosphere around it yet.

"Have we not sent the code out into space that the Zombies have rightly claimed their ownership of the Moon?" I interject.

Dr Zomboss glances at me, and sighs. "Either they are too stupid to decode such an easy message..."


"Or they're just plain selfish and inconsiderate," he finishes. "This is against the Law of Inter-Terrestial Communications and Relationships in every universe formed through the Big Bang - but they seem to be quite powerful. Much more powerful than us. They can survive without food, air, and within an unbelievably broad temperature range. So if we want to fight for our rights, we must be prepared to face quite a tough one. Otherwise..."

"Otherwise what?" Buckethead interrupts impatiently.

"Otherwise, we'll have to trash the plan on the Moon, and head for Gliese581c."

I cannot stand this. What gives those aliens the right to take away OUR rights? "But we've been working so hard to finalise this plan! We can't give up so easily!"

"I agree," Yeti and Bungee reply in unison.

Nivos, who has been silent throughout the meeting, stands up to have his say. "Those extraterrestials do not have the right to ignore our claims, and they should have at least negotiated with us before settling on the Moon. Just because they are much more powerful than we are, does not mean that we should not stand up for ourselves. I suggest we speak to them."

"Who agrees with this?" Dr Zomboss signals for the team to vote.

Green circles all round.

"This plan is going through."

I feel like a penguin, dressed in such a heavy spacesuit. Heli walks past me and lets out a chuckle. I know that it's probably unintentional - I mean, I've seen what I look like in the mirror. But it still stings my heart a bit.

I REALLY don't want to embarrass myself in front of Heli. You have no idea how, well, HAPPY, I actually felt, when she rushed towards me after I got hit in the fight with Dr Zomboss. Pretty much all of my pain disappeared, and I tried so very hard to keep looking into her eyes to let her know I was interested. But she didn't seem to have any further actions after that. So I've been depressed like before every day afterwards everytime I see her.

I never expected myself to be good enough for her anyway. Before, Heli has dated a repeater named Atomos, a very, very good-looking plantern called Lumos and even a powerful, talented and extremely rich gatling pea - Archimedes. And after every break-up she would say that it was because she has not found real love for them. If Heli cannot even find real love with those amazing guys, how could she even have feelings for a peashooter like me?

"Time to go boys!" Dr Zomboss orders.

"Yay!" Nix jumps up and down in his specially designed tiny suit.

"Good luck!" Heli says looking at us, her smile ever so beautiful.

Just looking at her, hurts me more than anything else.

"Tell me about her," Nivos asks me on the way to the aliens' building.

I'm really not in the mood for this. Really. "It ain't the time," I reply. "What do you think we should say to the aliens?"

"No, tell me about her," Nivos insists.

Fortunately we've already reached the dark green dome at this point. Thanks for saving my life dear aliens.

Before we can say anything, a guard covered in about two hundred and twelve layers of armor stops us, almost holding his spear to Dr Zomboss' chest. "Foreigners, what do you think you do here before our Grand Palace?"

Well if these disrespectful aliens have such a unique taste in aesthetics to call a place like this their Grand Palace, I don't even think they should belong in any of the universes created during the Big Bang. I'm just about to scream at them angrily that we're not foreigners, they are, but Nivos holds my mouth shut with his right leaf just in time.

"We would like to see your leader, please," Dr Zomboss requests calmly, despite a long, sharp object being held just under his neck.

The two hundred layer guard presses the spear even closer to Dr Zomboss' body, and we could sense his anger growing. "You pieces of scum actually real heaps reckon you can get to see our Grand Emperor this easy?! You wanna left, or you wanna dead?"

Shocking grammar I must say, and I feel relieve that it doesn't really matter if he actually does try to kill Dr Zomboss, I mean he's already dead. And why must they put "Grand" in front of every word? They deserve to perish.

"Let them in," a low, deep voice echoes from above, coming from inside the building.

Two hundred armor drops Dr Zomboss onto the ground suddenly, almost breaking his back. "Our Grand Emperor lets you in says."

Man I hate people with bad grammar, I think to myself as the massive door opens, and my eyes filled with a blinding white light.

Letting us in was probably the only nice thing that this so-called Grand Emperor has ever done in his entire life.

This grey, skinny, wrinkled alien tinier than Nix is probably the most irrational and disrespectful person ever. I mean, don't you just hate it when short people act tough, like no, you're short. I would have squashed him to pieces if it wasn't for the guido bodyguards all around him, but then again no, I'm not a squash.

"Why should I take any regard in a message from a race as low, savage and underdeveloped as the Homo Sapiens?"

That's one of his direct quotes.

Dr Zomboss decides to scrap the plan, as he believes that the Grand Emperor is beyond rational, and that continuing to argue with him would only result in trouble. But I still feel quite angry and unfair. Something inside me tells me that we should prove our worth to those aliens.

Just as we are all packing to leave for Gliese581c, a rumour begins to circulate within the zombies. And believe me, it is some big news.

"Zomboni is coming back, and he's got a great plan for us to defeat the aliens!" Gargantuar tells me as he watches my eyes grow round.

How could Zomboni still turn back to support Dr Zomboss, after being humiliated publically by him in front of ALL of the zombies? And what kind of "big plan" does he have?

Then I remember that Zomboni isn't a zombie himself, but a space ogre. As an alien himself, he probably knows more about other aliens than we do.

When I tell Dr Zomboss about this, he just laughs it off. "Rumours will always be rumours," he says. "How could Zomboni come back to us?"

Then Imp runs into the office. "Zomboni's back, Zomboni's back!" he pants.

We gather around the meeting room, as Zomboni explains his plan to us.

"After Dr Zomboss banished me out of the clan, I had a lot of thoughts," he begins. "I did something quite terrible for someone whose mind was very clear compared to zombies who had an uncontrollable craving for brains."

He pauses and sighs. "To this day, I'm still disappointed that I was not able to apologise to Cindy. I would really like to say sorry to her."

The lie detector does not beep. We continue our silence.

"But I understand that, if us zombies wish to hold onto our rights over the Moon, we don't have time for all this emotional stuff. Anyway, I know about these aliens. They are known as Draconians, and are from Planet C orbiting the red dwarf Gliese581..."

The crowd bursts into mayhem. "Does that mean we cannot settle on Gliese581c either?" a voice interrupts.

"The entire Gliese581 system is theirs, you can't even go anywhere near there if that's what you were thinking," Zomboni replies. "And from what I have found out, they are looking to colonise the Solar System as well - meaning potential risk to Earth. The Moon is only their observation base."

Another uproar of discussion, greater than the last, emerges from the audience. "This is not right," I think to myself. But Nivos takes the words straight out of my mouth, his loud voice strong and clear. "We've got to stop them. They have no right to damage or destroy the habitat of other, innocent lives, regardless of how powerful they are. We must fight back, no matter what."

"You do not worry okay," Zomboni answers. "I know the Draconians' weakness. And their weakness is my strength."

"What is it may we know?" Dr Zomboss asks.

"Well that should remain a surprise until you find out hey," Zomboni says, winking cheekily. "Remain a surprise until you find out"? How much sense does that make? And what's with this "their weakness is my strength" thing?

But as the Eastern side of the Earth starts glowing, signifying the new day, I totally understand what Zomboni was talking about.