And of course again with PUFF-SHROOMS!! C:

But I gotta say this is not a very good and effective way. Note the left-ward position of many daisies. It also took quite a lot of time to place the starfruits. I just thought that this is a cute setup and using a snow pea in the middle protects the vulnerable starfruits in the central row. The arranging of sunflowers also solves the problem of not being able to have a full column of sunflowers. Puff-shrooms are good to start off with because they cost 25 Sun less than Peashooters and can easily handle normal zombies in earlier levels. Using cheap instant kills (Squash, Potato Mine, etc) in the beginning also gives time for saving up Sun.

I didn't choose Imitater Starfruit because I liked a challenge, but if you like it easy I suggest you choose Imitater Starfruit :3