Little Shamrock

  • I live in Mildew Meadow
  • My occupation is Attacking Zombies with Rainbows
  • I am a Shamrock
  • Little Shamrock

    With the cheat i found in a video! I ACTUALLY RECLAIMED SUNNY LOT, UNLOCKED GARGANTUAR, AND GOT TWIN SUNFLOWERS! (Oh, and reclamied Zombie Paradise!)

    Don't believe me? Look at these proof:

    Those green buttons are secret buttons, which is similar to Limbo Page in the original PvZ.

    I've discovered a new achievement "Cheater! Cheater!"

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  • Little Shamrock

    I've recently been checking some of PvZ Adventures Plants like Beet, but when i saw the harvest time, IT'S WAS WRONG! Beet's Time in my account is 1 hour NOT A LONG 8 HOUR. Is there some bugs about the game? Anyways, just change it to 8 hours OR 1 Hour.

    • Peashooter - 1 Min.
    • Sunflower - 2 Min.
    • Aspearagus - 10 Min.
    • Beet - 1 Hour
    • Flaming Pea - 6 Hours
    • Snow Pea - 1 Hour and 30 Minutes
    • Wall-Nut - 15 Min.
    • Shamrock - Don't have the plant yet
    • Bamboo Shoot - Don't have the plant yet
    • Cherry Bomb - 30 Minutes
    • Jalapeno - 2 Hours
    • Repeater - Don't have the plant yet.

    If one of the "times" are not in the plant page, please change it to "HarvestTime/OtherHarvestTime"

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