Ok, I usually see the bright light of plants that are somewhat bad but there's some plants that are SO BAD they shouldn't have been created! (or returned) You be ready for seeing plants that are so terrible and I'll be ready for any hate comments I get, deal? Ok, let's get started.

  • Chomper-I HATE Chomper if you don't know that. Chomper is uh..."infamous" for eating zombies CRAZY slow, having a swallow animation that takes forever and it's plant food is AWFUL! But at least until Lost City part 2 he was somewhat original, then what happens? Toadstool appears and does the same thing he does but with longer range and gives sun afterwards, pretty much sending Chomper down the gutters of despair.
  • Sweet Potato-Ok, pretty much everyone hates Sweet Potato and it's easy to say why. First off, she costs 300 sun, so...she must have Tall-nut health, right? NOPE! She has BARELY any health so she gets pretty much destroyed! Sure it attracts zombies but...remember how she has low health? During a huge wave, everything goes to it and she's eaten in like, 3 seconds! And to top the icing on this moldy cake, her plant food doesn't even give her armor! Just heals her (which your most likely going to use the boosted so what's the point?) and LURES EVEN MORE ZOMBIES TO HER DEATH! Sure there's some strategies that can be involved, the most famous being Banana/Potato but that costs like, 800 sun to be done and like I said, Sweet Potato can be eaten up pretty quick, moving on.
  • Spring Bean aka That overused wind combo-So pretty much, Spring Bean bounces one zombie back in the air and plant food does it to everyone? What happens after Blover returns? EVERYONE SPAMS THAT STUPID F***ING COMBO! Because let's admit it, if Blover never returned, Spring Bean would NEVER be picked up. I don't use that combo though so I never use it, and the coffin for Spring Bean was Chard Guard. 2 extra bounces, no sleeping and actual health for only 25 more sun! Unless your a Blover/Spring Bean Plant Food combo lover, NOBODY picks this dude up.
  • Gold Leaf-Oh gold leaf, everyone was hyped for you and your ability to make Gold Tiles until somebody found out your only in one world...wait what? To mark this section, I'm quoting a quote from our favorite (well, some people's favorite) bureaucrat, Brainulator! "What idiot thought that Gold Leaf should only be selected in Lost City? I understand Lily Pad and Tangle Kelp perfectly, and I guess Hot Potato is understandable, albeit questionable... but you're telling me that Piñata Parties set in whatever world can use Gold Tiles, but I can't use Gold Tiles wherever I want? The whole idea of tile plants is to apply them in other worlds, not their home worlds where the environment modifier already exists and where the said plant isn't needed!". Well then, next!
  • Tall-nut-Oh Tall-nut, you were nerfed so much in this game. Or in other words, other plants replaced you. Let's see the defensive plants that are better-
    • Wall-nut-Less that 1/2 the sun for 1/2 the health.
    • Infi-nut-50 less sun for free healing and a very good plant food ability.
    • Chard Guard-50 less sun and pushes zombies back.
  • Tall-nut(con)-So yep, sorry Tall-nut, you've gone to awful.
  • Magnet-shroom-If you asked any PvZ1 player a list of the 5 best plants, they'd most likely say "Cob Cannon, Winter Melon, Twin Sunflower, Tall-nut/Pumpkin and Magnet-shroom" because Magnet-shroom had a lot going for him, a TON of zombies used metal so his ability was quite useful...then they put him in a time travel game. There's only about 3 zombies with metal objects that can actually be stolen (looking at you Excavator Zombie...) so pretty much, he has no worth, the new recharge speed doesn't help him either and the zombie he's meant to counter (Zombie King) creates Knight Zombies so fast, he can't remove another helmet in time! Sorry Magnet-shroom, we still love you in PvZ1!
  • Bloomerang-Bloomerang, FAMOUS for being outclassed by 4 other plants!
    • Laser Bean-The main point of the coffin, hits every zombie for 25 more sun.
    • Fume-shroom-Hits every zombie 5 tiles ahead of it for 50 LESS sun.
    • Snapdragon-For 25 less sun, it hits 3 tiles ahead of it in 3 rows.
    • A.K.E.E.-Same sun cost, does more damage and hits more than 3 zombies.
  • Bloomerang (con)-I understand, it's the 1st new plant the player gets (the 2nd gotten in Ancient Egypt) but there's SO many other options to this I don't know but anyways, it could have been ok, but Laser Bean started making a grave and Fume-shroom and A.K.E.E joined it, giving Bloomerang NO need to be weak!
  • Bowling Bulb:Most hyped plant in Big Wave Bach turned into the most hated plant in Big Wave Beach. Why you might ask, it's original! used to be actually WORTH it's sun cost and deal heavy damage as well as get back it's bulbs even when a zombie is in it's lane. Then Popcap nerfed him, HARD. Whenever there's a zombie in it's lane, we get stuck with the weak Light Blue orb that does barely anything and takes about 3 seconds to fire it and the plant food effect just turned weak. Bowling Bulb, hope you roll into buffing.
Should I include plants from the Chinese version as well?

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