Requested by RegularCat

Sunflower:Ok plants and zombies! The first rap battle of Peashooter vs. Zombie shall now begin!

Zombie: So Pea-brain how's your life going?

Oh wait! Your life's just wasting!

Doing what? Trying to stop us?

All your doing is stalling our win

Against your idiot human being!

Why defend Dave that crazy person?

Made you go in a mess over what?

A tasty mexician treat?

Please! It's best for him to go!

So stop what your doing and just give up!

Peashooter:You trying to talk smack?

Your literally a living corpse! 

Never tired a brain and never will

Heard it's worse than Cabbage-pult's grill!

Cabbage-pult:Hey! ;(

Peashooter: But if you really want to play

Then maybe at least get a change!

You smell so bad

Even Garlic barfs at your stink.

Don't even make me mention your weak pals they're just like you

With a hat put on!

Zombie: Ugh! Your raps make me sick!

Hope you get biten by a Zombie Chick

But really you attempt to call us weak?

I think I shall prove the opposite!

Your peas barley hurt me

I'm stronger than you!

You take 10 peas to get rid of me

But only 4 bites by me to get rid of you!

So, you call us weak?

I think your mistaken, that belongs to your puff pal!

Puff-shroom: ;(

Peashooter: Oh you think your funny?

Go back to your grave!

Your raps are worse than the zombies from Frostbite Caves!

I think I would have prefered this never to happen

I'd rather have done this alone

Your rap is embrassing to hear

Your so low tier,

So let me tell you one last thing

Next time you attempt to ruin my ears

Get ready for a Chili Bomb landing right beside you!

Sunflower:Alright, time's up! 

Cabbage-pult:Hope Peashooter wins...

Sunflower:Well...who won? What do you guys request? You decide it all!