See here for my Knight Zombie PVZ: GW2 idea.

Ok, so people have made ideas for new classes, weeds etc but since potted plants are confirmed, here's some ideas I have for it though I warn you, some have already been mentioned by I'll try to be original.

Potted Plant Ideas

  • Torchwood-This plant increases fire damage nearby for plants only, the Giga Torchwood can summon pots with them to increase its attack.
  • Split Pea-Every 10 seconds it changes if it shoots 1 pea or 2 peas. It always starts with shooting 2 peas.
  • Magnet-shroom-Same as its PvZ1 counterpart, it has a longer range in night stages. It can temporary disable all zombies but the Captain Dreadbeard and Super Brainz's weapon attacks for a bit but needs to recharge afterwards (it doesn't work on Dreadbeard or Super Brainz because both don't have metal in their weapons)
  • Garlic-Any zombie nearby will be poisoned without any toxic plants needed. It will also confuse AI zombies but not player zombies because the AI zombie needs to eat it in order to be confused.
  • Melon-pult-Lobs giant melons that deal 50 damage per hit, but takes a while to fire.
  • Winter Melon-Same as Melon-pult but also slows any zombie nearby it or its melon down.
  • Shamrock-Similar to Scaredy-shroom but it shoots faster but with less range.
  • Iceberg Lettuce-Similar to Torchwood but increases ice plant's damage around it instead of fire.
  • Pea Pod-Randomly spawns either shooting 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 peas.
  • Lightning Reed- (Mostly everyone comes up with this idea but it's pretty easy to see how it'd work) Fires electric shocks that go through multiple zombies, like the electric/power classes.
  • Citron-Charges up to shoot powerful electric balls, these balls also paralyze machines like the Z-mech. Potted plant counterpart to the playable Citron.
  • Magnifying Grass-Shoots powerful sun beams that deal more damage in the day than night. (being the opposite of mushrooms having their boost at night)
  • Bowling Bulb-Shoots 3 different types of projectiles and very rarely shoots a heavy damaging electric bulb.
  • Pepper-pult-Fire counterpart of the Winter Melon.
  • Endurian-Once a zombie eats it, it will hurt the zombie that ate it, it will also explode into multiple spikes when defeated.
  • Phat Beet-Shoots shockwaves around it, making it similar to a Snapdragon but attacks faster to balance the two out.
  • Homing Thistle-"Finds" a zombie and constantly fires at it until it either goes away or dies, it has the longest range of any potted plant, making it dangerous.
  • Sweet Potato-Lures zombies to it, even player zombies will slowly move towards it if they don't move their character.
  • Pea-nut-Shoots peas at zombies like the Pea Cannon but has a ton more health.
  • Nutpeater-Same as Pea-nut but shoots 2 peas instead of 1.
  • Strawburst-Takes 30 seconds to charge then shoots a berry dealing heavy damage to zombies close by, dealing the damage of a Chili Bean Bomb in the range of a Sombrero Bean Bomb. It also has very short "to-fire" range to balance it out.
  • Toxic Peashooter-The toxic counterpart to the Fire Peashooter and Ice Peashooter potted plants.
  • Chomppy-Deals heavy damage and eats zombies that have less than 20 HP. The potted plant counterpart to Chomper.
  • Ball Cactus-Shoots spikes that deal more damage if they hit the head, it also has longer range. Potted Plant counterpart to Cactus.
  • Kernelchine Gun-Rapidly shoots kernels at zombies. Potted Plant counterpart to Kernel Corn.
  • Magical Flower-Changes a zombie close-by from it into a sheep every 10 seconds. Potted Plant counterpart to Rose.