See here for my PvZ: GW2 potted plants ideas.

So...some people are making ideas for PvZ: GW2 nerfs/buff/new classes so here I go in the mix telling about an idea I've been thinking about for a long time.

Original/Normal variant (Knight Zombie)

Knight Zombie is a melee class and the first real melee class (idk about the new classes in PvZ: GW2 but they all look like they have projectile attacks and the Scientist doesn't count because of this reason.) He deals about 45 damage per hit (with slight delay between hits) and has 150 health total (can be upgraded like the Chomper), but can't instantly KO any plants due to most plants having lower health (once again, idk about the new classes.)

  • Weapon-Silver Sword
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Classic Dark Ages Sword-Fighting
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-150 (175 when upgraded)


Listed by when they are unlocked. (Note: There's 2 alt abilities per ability).

  • Ability 1-Sword Beam-Knight Zombie's only projectile, he shoots a beam that deals about 10 damage and 5 splash damage, it takes 5 seconds to recharge.
  • Alt Ability 1.1-Stun Beam-This variant of the ability stuns the plant that it hits, but deals only 5 damage and 1 splash damage, the stunning lasts 5 seconds but it takes 25 seconds for the ability to recharge, the Engineer's stunning abilities will have a longer stun time to balance the usage between this and the Engineer stun abilities.
  • Alt Ability 1.2-Flame Beam-This variant burns plants nearby for 5 seconds, it deals 15 damage and 5 splash damage, but takes 20 seconds to recharge.
  • Ability 2-Grave Summon-The ability makes it so Knight Zombie summons a tombstone that will summon up to 10 zombies (Which are either Browncoat Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Flag Zombie or Imp Bomb) before exploding (like the Heal Stations, this deals no damage). The grave takes 5 seconds to summon 1 zombie, it has 100 HP so plants can destroy it so it can't summon more zombies, this ability takes a minute to recharge.
  • Alt Ability 2.1-Exploding Grave-This variant of the ability doesn't summon zombies, but rather takes 50 damage before exploding, dealing around 100 damage to nearby plants, it will also explode in 30 seconds once it's summoned, this takes 40 seconds to recharge (hey, if Imp Punts and Chili Bean Bombs take 45 seconds, this should take less because it deals less damage.)
  • Alt Ability 2.2-Wall Grave-The variant also doesn't summon any zombies but instead can take 300 damage before being destroyed. The Knight Zombie can hold up to 2 of these at and time and it takes 30 seconds to recharge one of them.
  • Ability 3-Slash Cut-This ability is similar to the Sprint Tackle but with 2 differences- One being that it doesn't go as far and the 2nd being that once the move reaches a plant, Knight Zombie then does an uppercut, sending the plant VERY in the air, it deals about 90 damage and takes 45 seconds to recharge.
  • Alt Ability 3.1-Cut Swing-This variant just does the uppercut, dealing 50 damage and sending any hit plants in the air, good to finish off a sword combo, takes about 30 seconds to recharge.
  • Alt Ability 3.2-Speed Swing-This variant deals low damage (20 damage) and doesn't stop once it hits a plant, it also goes farther than it's counterparts, being mostly used to go across the map faster. Takes about 25 seconds to recharge.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages-
    • It's power at close range can be deadly to most plants nearby
    • The graves it summons can help summon zombie allies without needing to use the zombie spawners, allowing more zombies to be summoned.
    • It's alternate stun beam ability can be really deadly for the plant team.
    • The Speed Swing can help bypass the otherwise slow speed the Knight Zombie has.
  • Disadvantages-
    • Due to it mostly counting on close range, Chompers can be deadly for it if they manage to successfully eat him.
      • Also because of this fact, similar to the Chomper, if a plant notices him, it's projectiles can kill it before Knight Zombie reaches them.
    • It can't withstand a Chili Bean Bomb blast, leading most Peashooters to use that option if they can.


Fire Knight

The good old fire counterpart, this deals 35 damage per hit and also burns the plant it hits, dealing extra fire damage.

  • Weapon-Smith's Kin
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Fire Damage
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-150 (175 when upgraded)

Thunder Knight

The electric counterpart, this variant deals only 20-25 damage per hit but the electric current goes through others (farther than most "Electric variants") and hits faster, making it great for crowd control.

  • Weapon-Shocking Curtana
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Electrifying Shocks!
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-150 (175 when upgraded)


This variant is REALLY different than most other variants, it deals only 15 damage but attacks (and walks) VERY fast and once an enemy is KO'D, the player turns invisible for 5 seconds, there is a strong balancing though, it has only 75 health (100 when upgraded), you can't attack while invisible and as mentioned before, it doesn't deal that much damage, thus balancing the class.

  • Weapon-Katana Blade
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Kung-Fu sword techniques
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-75 (100 when upgraded)

Dark Knight

This variant deals the most damage out of any Knight Zombie variant (dealing 60 damage per hit) but attacks very slow and has less health.

  • Weapon-Shadow Blade
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Dark Damage
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-125 (150 when upgraded)

Vine Slasher

This variant summons damaging vines (that deal about 15 damage) a little ahead of it every time it attacks making it the only variant that can (somewhat) hit from a range. It deals about 25 damage per hit (when added with the vines, this deals 35 damage.)

  • Weapon-Weed Wrecker
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Forces of Nature!
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-150 (175 when upgraded)

Vampire Knight

This variant is similar to Count Chompula, once it kills a PLAYER (not an AI plant, to prevent OPness), it heals itself by 20 health (30 when upgraded for there's no health upgrade for this class.) It has only 125 HP and deals about 25 damage per hit.

  • Weapon-Blood Sucker (beta name, mentioned in Sticker Book entry), Soul Sucker (official name)
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Life consuming!
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-125


This knight variant summons a grave that summons up to 3 zombies before disappearing once KO'ing an enemy but the attack only deals 20 damage and he only has 100 HP.

  • Weapon-Undead Scythe
  • Ammo-N/A
  • Damage-Dark Magic in a Scythe
  • Usage-Melee
  • Health-100 (125 when upgraded)

Do you like my idea? Let me know if there's any other ideas for variants or how to balance them (if you think one is too OP or too Under Powered.)