So, I have attempted to make some of these and the original sinner of these have quit so now, everything wrong with Neon Mixtape Tour! Suggestions are always welcome! Sins can be suggested for either the world or Cactus.





  1. Phatbeet is just Gloom-shroom with a critical system.
  2. Even though Celery Stalker has 2 heads, only the back one attacks.
  3. Also Celery Stalker has the same sun cost and a faster recharge as Wall-nut, why use Wall-nut ever again?
  4. Same with Bonk Choy, not that anyone used him after Snapdragon anyways.
  5. Thyme Warp heals zombies.
  6. Thyme Warp also sends every zombie on the screen for 75 sun while Hurrikale sends only 1 lane back for 100 sun.
  7. Punk Zombie is just a weaker Mecha-football Zombie when his jam is playing.
  8. Glitter Zombie's effect on other zombies. (see photo labeled 1 in gallery)
  9. Also Glitter Zombie crushes plants.
  10. 3 locked and loaded levels in part 1.
  11. Even though it looks like night in the world, sun drops from the sky.
  12. Cactus was so weak in PvZ1 that she had to be totally reworked in the sequel.
  13. Cactus is still a mix in this game anyways.
  14. Also she's premium
  15. and costs $4.99
  16. Glitter Zombie has no animation while her jam is playing, still moving the way she already did.
  17. Also that stare.
  18. Glitter Zombie's almanac references Disco Zombie's theme from Garden Warfare.
  19. Mc Zom-B eats his own microphone when not jamming to his beat.
  20. Then he uses them as nunchucks.
  21. Magnet-shroom can take Punk Zombie's head...
  22. and gets rid of it instantly. 2 sins for random lack in logic and how gross that is in general.
  23. A sewing machine doesn't put pins in your face, then again, I haven't put my face in one.
  24. Hair Metal Gargantuar's name.
  25. Also it shoots out shockwaves during it's jam.
  26. Cactus' almanac entry lacks a reverence to Garden Warfare
  27. Thyme Warp's almanac entry is backwards, confusing anyone who doesn't understand that.
  28. Celery Stalker's gladiator costume doesn't increase it's defense.
  29. Celery Stalker's winter garments doesn't protect it from freezing winds (Ballastic Planet)
  30. Also it's plant food is like Potato Mine is Chili Bean's...for some reason.
  31. It also creates more stalkers anywhere, including water in pirate seas.
  32. A beta exists...for some reason.
  33. and only one person has it.
  34. and the soft release came out anyways
  35. Phatbeet's attack animation.
  36. Thyme Warp for some reason spends 5-8 seconds dancing before it's effect is fully used.
  37. Also Thyme Warp has a very slow recharge.
  38. The Zomboss head when the rap music plays.
  39. No Demonstration music
  40. No Ultimate Battle music
  41. Thyme Warp's costume references FNAF, because that series TOTALLY isn't overrated.
  42. Celery Stalker, the more defensive, melee Split Pea, because everyone loved Split Pea! *total sarcasm*
  43. All the leaks leading for this to be made before the world is even fully confirmed.
  44. The name...just...the name of this world.
  45. Thyme Warp is only in NMT...for some reason.
  46. (see photo labeled 2) This glitch
  47. The parts are called "Side A and Side B"...for some weird reason.
  48. It's TOLD in the dialogue that this is midnight, even more questioning for why the f*** this isn't a night time stage.
  49. MC Zom-B's name is almost exactly like DJ Zom-B, why didn't they just use him?
  50. Impunk, because one punk wasn't enough!
  51. Day 5 has 2 endangered plant types because why not!
  52. They also put a plant that takes 4 bites to eat in the 7th row.
  53. Another locked and loaded level in which, if you kill the Punk Zombies that appear at first, your not going to win it.
  54. Thyme Warp only doesn't smile in the trailer for Neon Mixtape Tour.
  55. The way Phat Beet's critical system works.
  56. All 3 achievements in part 1 can be achieved by simply playing the game normally.
  57. Lack of note in the soft release (LaserBean203)
  58. The GARGANTUAR has a special music ability.
  59. Phat Beet deals .75 damage normally.
  60. Despite being a punk, Impunk doesn't react to the punk music. Is that a disappointment only to me?
  61. Hair Metal Garagnatuar looks like a rock star (Ballistic Planet)
  62. Also Hair Metal doesn't exist.
  63. Dave clearly says this is his house, thus leading to the chance of a paradox (Ballistic Planet)
  64. Thyme Warp somehow only works only zombies but with logic, should also work on plants, the player and the whole world in general. (Ballistic Planet)
  65. The rap jam is too fast to be a real rap (Ballistic Planet)
  66. This isn't a tour (Ballistic Planet)
  67. Also lack of mixtapes (Ballistic Planet)
  68. The Gargantuar totem is the dang hand again.
  69. The Beet It achievement is broken, you have to only plant Phatbeets and nothing else.
  70. Day 16 is almost as hard as BWB Day 16. (dear lord help us)
  71. Glitter Zombie is just a one-row Shield Zombie clone (Bolt-Weed)
  72. And Punk Zombie is just a Mecha-football Zombie clone. Man, this world is ripping off Far Future a lot.
  73. Glitter Zombie is a giant nyan cat reference, seriously, somebody has already made a nyan Glitter Zombie video.
  74. Non existent note.
  75. MC Zom-B for some reason uses his ability on Sap-fling and Lava Guava's special tiles, even if no plants are around it.

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