So...lost city part 1 soft release is know what that means!

Everything wrong with

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Spoilers! (But not really)

Rules of sins

  • Suggestions MUST go with the world and/or Lava Guava.
  • You can give suggestions for the bonus round as well!
  • Bonus: Link to ZombieNinja723's version (which is most likely better) - here.


  1. A.K.E.E sounds like a military code because...reasons.
  2. Also its face.
  3. Red Stinger doesn't attack with stingers.
  4. Endurian looks like a fusion between the PvZ All Stars Durian and the PvZO Durian.
  5. Peter Red Stinger.
  6. Gold Tiles don't really look golden.
  7. Also Dev Diary called them Sun Tiles even though it's not their official name.
  8. 6 Gargantuars in the Gargantuar battle.
  9. The fact that everyone knew about Lost City for TWO MONTHS!
  11. Also barely compressed rage.
  12. Also Popcap it's some zombie, not some zombie's.
  13. Lava Guava's face while erupting.
  14. Lava Puddles do more damage that spikeweed but cost 25 less sun.
  15. Lava Guava's plant food and defies logic like (see picture labeled 1 and 2) so.
  16. "Lava will burn the railcart" because it TOTALLY will not set the grass on your lawn on fire when you plant it. (Reapeageddon)
  17. Lava Guava can be planted up even after erupting...what?
  18. No Last Stand levels.
  19. Red Stinger stretches.
  20. (See picture labeled 3) *insert Imma firin mah lazor joke here*
  21. A.K.E.E is a pretty much a better Bowling Bulb.
  22. Autonomous Katapulting Ejectomatic Emitter.
  23. Also, that's not how you spell catapulting, joke or not that's stupid!
  24. Short-tempered Durian.
  25. Endurian's costume is a football uniform...BECAUSE THAT'S RELEVANT TO A LOST CITY!!!
  26. (See picture labeled 4) This frame.
  27. The way Endurian attacks in the trailer is different from how it attacks in-game.
  28. The Gargantuar battle has the demonstration music instead of the ultimate battle music.
  29. The Save our Seeds level has the ultimate battle music instead of the demonstration music.
  30. One again, no new brain buster. ;( (Tecku)
  31. Magnet-shroom can't take shovels away. (TCLP)
  32. Shovels apparently can't be destoryed. (TCLP)
  33. Parasols apparently can't be destoryed. (TCLP)
  34. Lava Guava doesn't melt frostbite cave's ice OR the pirate seas plank. (TCLP)
  35. Porter Gargantuar's torch is lit in the trailer but not in the actual game. (TCLP)
  36. Also Porter Gargantuar has wasted potential because he had a torch.
  37. Freezing Porter Gargantuar apparently gives you the No Smoking achievement even though it's torch is unlit. (TCLP)
  38. Dragonflies aren't that big.
  39. Also a Dragonfly can somehow hold an adult zombie. (TCLP)
  40. Endurian costs 50 less sun than it should.
  41. A.K.E.E is spelt as A.K.E.E. on multiple occasions.
  42. Red Stinger costs 175 less sun than Melon-pult but does more damage.
  43. Red Stingers are almost pathetically weak in the 7th-9th columns.
  44. For Lost Pilot Zombie's entry it's "Nobody WILL notice" not "Nobody would notice".
  45. And yet another wasted potential zombie.
  46. Lost Pilot Zombie has branches on it's parachute even when it's on the seed selection screen.
  47. Lost Pilot Zombie and Parasol Zombie have the same HP but are labeled as different toughnesses.
  48. Excavator Zombie clearly heard "Stop! Hammer Time".
  49. Excavator Zombie is a Jester combined with Fisherman Zombie, expect he doesn't deflect the projectiles.
  50. Once again, something a zombie does to a Guacodile DOESN'T activate it's rush attack.
  51. HOW does Lost Pilot Zombie get in the trees? He's not in the trees during the seed selection, at least Swashbuckler Zombie makes sense because he uses a rope!
  52. The Porter Thwarter achievement is just a reskin of the Yarr, Matey, Giddyup and King Nut achievements.
  53. Unwelcome Mat tells noobs to the game that Red Stingers are s**t everywhere BUT the 1st-3rd columns.
  54. Shovel Off, even harder than the Fly Fishing Fail achievement.
  55. Also when Excavator shovels a plant in the 7th-9th columns, it goes to the 9th column.
  56. Excavator Zombie can shovel up Potato Mines.
  57. Excavator Zombie can shovel up Spikeweeds.
  58. Excavator Zombie can shovel up Spikerocks.
  59. Excavator Zombie can shovel up Hurrikale.
  60. Excavator Zombie can instantly destroy Infi-nut's force field.
  61. Lost Pilot Zombie doesn't use a plane (WinterMagnet)
  62. Also what's the point of adding "Lost" to it's name? Because it's in Lost City? With that logic, call Parasol Zombie "Lost Parasol Zombie" etc...
  63. Sun, sun everywhere!
  64. Day 13 has not enough plants.
  65. Day 14 has Parasol Zombie so you have to use your plant food to refresh Lava Guava's recharge.
  66. Day 15 has the EXACT same positions of the Endangered plants as Frostbite Caves Day 15.
  67. Too many special delivery levels!!!
  68. A.K.E.Es are poisonous. (ThePeashooter100)
  69. They are also illegal. (ThePeashooter100)
  70. Red Stingers can somehow shoot lasers. (ThePeashooter100)
  71. Until we get Part 2, we still don't know when the *censor* this place is.
  72. The parasol Parasol Zombie has seems to have some sort of bones.
  73. The amount of comments that have people saying Endurian attacking makes them think dirty thoughts.
  74. Crazy Dave and Penny's conversation after getting the Day 15 note has them WALKING in unlike all the other times.

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