So apparently everyone has an addiction to making these weird ask blogs and I'm getting sick of sharing an ask thread with these other idiot plants so, you can ask me and ONLY me here! you can ask my friends too. "Yay".-From the spiky one, Cactus

So, if you really like, ask me, I have nothing better to do. :/

///(When I use ///, it means it's a comment that Lily8763cp/The creator has created, I don't have time to draw so that's why I will not be drawing and instead reply to comments, I created this because well, everyone else is doing it and I like Cactus (the personality I made her will make her...interesting) in her own so, ask away!)

Update Log (from Cactus)

  • 8/23/15- So you all wanted it, ok, I've decided to add my 2 "friends" Sea-shroom the underwater explorer and idiot Chomper here for you guys to question too.
  • 9/5/15-So I was somewhat lazy and avoided the poll so, I'm adding both Plantern and Toadstool for saying "sorry".
  • 9/15/15-Everyone voted for EB/Electric Blueberry so she's now in too

Can't wait!


Question us a bit! :D


Oh yeah, let's go do this!

Pimp Toady2

Ribbit Ribbit :3

Electric Blueberry2


Which do you want next? (Poll ends 9/20/15)

The poll was created at 19:54 on September 15, 2015, and so far 16 people voted.