FANDOM seems Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is turning 1 this week. The game is probably my favorite in the series and it's a pretty fun shooter. The game is really talented and for a special celebration, I'll be giving my thoughts on the classes.


  • Sunflower : The healing class and a pretty great class. She heals and heals and outclasses her zombie counterpart in a ton of ways. Sure she has to heal station but her normal move is to heal. Shadow Flower is a great man-to-man fighter,Fire Flower is my main Sunflower and Alien Flower is a pretty great concept(though she is creepy).
  • Chomper:I can't really say anything due to the fact he's hard for me to use. I can barley snag a bite because when I click attack when the mark is there nothing happens and I just don't get how to eat using burrow(Do I click 2 or Attack while underground O_o). Though I give respect due to the fact he has probably the most creative classes in the game( aka Count Chompula and Hot Rod Chomper.)
  • Cactus:Welcome to the sniping range! Cactus is pretty much a mix of a minesetter class and the sniper class from Team Fortress 2. She can snipe like there's not tommorrow, make walls for fellow plants, get the easiest kills in the game(aka Potato Mines which she plant almost ANYWHERE) AND a way to attack from the air! She's not my favorite claas, but a pretty good class. Power Cactus can just be a troll to groups of zombies, Bandit Cactus snipes ike there's not today, Camo Cactus can surprise people and Jade Cactus just makes it so one slip-up doesn't matter!


  • Foot Soldier:Remeber Cactus and Peashooter? Foot Solider is sort of those two classes mixed into one...zombie. Each Foot Solider can be OP and unlike most classes, the classes are even and one is not really stronger than the other. Super Commando's 3(or 4) rapid shots are hard hitting, General Supremo's All-Star ability is strong(see All-Star to know that)...I would say more but all of the classes have something good about them.
  • Engineer:My least favorite class, but I don't hate it. Why? Because most creative class in the game, period. His job is imporant and unique in the game, making teleporters to make the zombie's job eaiser. His drone works like Cactus', his sonic mines(or sonic...thing is you still have unlocked it) stuns plants making them easy kills and the Jackhammer makes reaching teleporters eaiser. All the classes aren't really on the strong side because he's meant to be in the background.
  • All-Star:Oh god the All-Star. What seems like a broken idea balanced. He has limit-less amo and high health(a full health All-Star can survive a Chili Bomb!) but if his weapon is used too much at a time...and overheating happens and your a sitting duck. All of his classes are even so...nothing much to say here... other than don't Wrestling Star.
  • Scientist:The healer, though worse than Sunflower. He is a good class though, basic Heal Stations but his sticky bomb abilties are VERY different(one hurts foes, one heals allies) and his Warps are different as well(One just moves you, and the other makes you immortal!(for a little bit but still!) ). His classes are very unique, instead of just basic fire,extra health,toxic,ice,random other class way for most zombies. He only has 2 of those and the others also add new ways to the table.

In the end

In the end, a great game with great classes with great fun. Happy birthday Garden Warfare, your a great game.