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  • Lily8763cp

    Is this a record for most blogs I've made in a week?

    Pretty much, this blog is made for what I believe the timeline for the PvZ Series is. Note, this is my opinion. It's not the same as everyone else's. Also, unless the date has to be specified, only the year and month will be mentioned.

    One more thing. If stories are included, it's only stories I've made. Sorry Gamester, Plant Protector etc. It doesn't mean it isn't canon (to me), but it can confuse things.

    • May 2008 - Crazy Dave, still called David, and Dr. Zomboss, who is alive and called by his first name Edgar, start their separate research.
    • July 9th, 2008 - The first plant of "Modern Time"s awakens. It is a Peashooter. Other plants from the Day part of Plants vs. Zombies awake shortly aft…

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  • Lily8763cp

    This isn't much. I wanted to try a different story style, with more of a "first person" perspective. Maybe "MS" will like this one more.

    I had this idea for a while now, but I had no idea how to make it "fit", though a certain event happened yesterday, and I can fit it in. Though this will be long.


    One of the main zombie HQs got destroyed yesterday. I don't know how to describe the wreckage. The boss seems furious. I'll probably get in trouble. He already arranged a meeting with Scientist. He's going to mention me of course. Mention how I was asked to help, but I didn't. I couldn't! I tried, I sent troops out, but then...that man showed up...I...I don't even know who he is, but his hair was like Scientist's, he had goggles, and this …

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  • Lily8763cp

    I don't know how many episodes will be left, but the main maps have been covered, "major" missions have been covered, and the new characters have been covered. The last few episodes might be near.

    • *Kernel Corn is in the lab part of the plant HQ. He is walking down the halls when he notices Future Cactus working on something, with a tablet on near her*
    • Kernel Corn: *walks over towards Future Cactus, who quickly turns off the tablet* What are you doing?
    • Future Cactus:Nothing of your concern.
    • Kernel Corn: *looks over her to notice a green substance* Then...what is that?
    • Future Cactus: *looks at it too* ...ok. I'll bite. Do you remember that Tactical Cuke the plants of the past tried to use about 15 years ago?
    • Kernel Corn:Yeah?
    • Future Cactus:Well, I …

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  • Lily8763cp

    I know this is late, but here is part 15, around the Brothers Gnomus. Somebody requested this too, and I have the time, so why not?

    • *In Time Park, a chubby gnome is floating around in a machine, he presses a button on a remote, and a portal opens up in the sky*
    • ???:Finally. After being stuck here for eight months, I will finally make my return back to my kingdom! *starts laughing, as four big gnomes exit the portal, then the portal closes* HUH?!??!
    • Blue Brother:Hey brother, I think we finally got a portal up thanks to you getting...*notices the portal closed* dang it! We're stuck here now too?
    • Yellow Brother:I knew this was a bad idea...
    • Red Brother:But we could reopen the portal if we get more of that stuff you found brother.
    • Green Brother:And w…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Well, I'm sure somebody wanted a story off the quick joke I did/am doing on Ask the Plants thread. And I'm sure everyone will know by the end of this story what I mean.

    • *Electric Blueberry is stomping around a store, that has a ton of items, like ZPGs and Garlic Drones, she runs into a Mob Cob
    • Electric Blueberry:Oh. Hey.
    • Mob Cob:Hello. Aren't you that Electric Blueberry girl? Why are you at a weapon's store?
    • Electric Blueberry:Well.........
    • *Flashback to a few days prior. Inside a giant blue casino, which belongs to Electric Blueberry. She is sitting in a chair, with Celery Stalker passing cards to her, Thyme Warp, a Neon Buckethead, and Breakdancer Zombie*
    • Electric Blueberry:Alright. I bet $5.
    • Thyme Warp:I only have a dime.
    • Breakdancer Zombie:Eh, …

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