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  • Lily8763cp

    Random Story - Level Up

    January 13, 2017 by Lily8763cp

    This story is made in "celebration" of the Power Plants update for Plants vs. Zombies 2 Popcap, let the game die already, the zombies want it.

    • *Inside the plant base, Magnifying Grass is putting something in some pinatas. Citron walks in on her*
    • Citron:Hey, what are you doing in here this time?
    • Magnifying Grass:Oh, I've decided to find a way to make the weak strong and the strong well...stronger!
    • Citron:Oh, and what is that? Stuffing Plant Food in their face?
    • Magnifying *takes out a bag* This is full of special energy I found at Zen Peak, and it seems to be able to give a power boost to those who absorb it.
    • Citron:So you stole energy without Zen Cactus' permission?
    • Magnifying Grass:Eh. It seems some crystals just constantly made it, s…

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  • Lily8763cp

    This one is half inspired by Gargologist coming this week and half inspired by some video parodying animal channel I find myself seeing over and over again.

    This one isn't fully a story, but more of an episode on a TV show, so there's not really "plot". Though there is more plot at the end.

    • *Zookeeper is tapping on a camera, then backs up so the camera is focusing on him. He's right out of a forest*
    • Zookeeper:Hello my fellow zombies! You are watching the Zombopolis Nature Channel! On this channel, I...
    • ???: *from behind the camera* Uh...I get that you JUST started this channel, but this is an episode. We should redo that.
    • Zookeeper: *groan* FINE! *taps the camera again* record! *backs up again* Hello my fellow zombies! You are w…

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  • Lily8763cp

    This is a random story created to "celebrate" Toadstool being added to Plants vs. Zombies Heroes! Though I've had this idea for a good amount of time now (the basic idea, that is.)

    • *Chomper is walking down a hallway, and walks near a door*
    • Chomper: *knocks on the door* Hello? *hears noises from behind the door* What's going on in there? *hears chewing* Wait! There must be a party going on in there! *drools* Oh...I must get in there! *knocks on it again* HELLO!
    • Sunflower: *unlocks the door* Oh, uh...hey Chomper...can you uh...not be here?
    • Chomper:Why? I smell food, and I'm hungry!
    • Sunflower]
    • Chomper:I'm not going to! *rushes into the room, where Bloomerang, Jack O' Lantern, Morning Glory, Sage Sage, and Toadstool are sha…

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  • Lily8763cp

    This is just a random story I've decided to make...for some reason.

    • *Inside of a doctor's office, there's Jack-in-the-Box Zombie and a few other zombies sitting on chairs*
    • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie: *winding a Jack-in-the-Box while humming the "Pop goes the Weasel" tune*
    • Jester Zombie: *juggling some rubber balls* Hey! Anyone want to me juggle something else?
    • Abracadaver:I'm not crazy I tell you! I'll...I'll show you REAL magic this time! I swear!
    • *Scientist is roped up and being dragged through the office by a Cozmic Brainz*
    • Scientist:Hey! Untie me right now! I'm your boss! Well...second in command. NO MATTER! LET ME GO!
    • Cozmic Brainz:Can't, boss' orders.
    • Scientist:Why am I even here? This is where all the crazy people are sent to!
    • Cozmic Brainz:You'…

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  • Lily8763cp

    It's less than 10 days before Christmas, so here's a Christmas special! Sorry everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

    • *Snow Pea is placing snow by a tree, which also has some gifts by it*
    • Snow Pea:Do you like that?
    • Old Stump:Eh, I guess so.
    • Snow Pea:Good to hear! I mean, I'm kind of forced to do this.
    • Old Stump:Yeah yeah, just go.
    • Snow Pea:* sigh* Fine. *mumbles* Rude...*hears a camera click* Huh? What was that? *looks at a Snow Pea with an all blue stem* FROSTY!
    • Frosty: *looks at Snow Pea* What? ...and that isn't even my name!
    • Snow Pea:Would you rather be called Snow Pea #2?
    • Frosty:...*deep sigh* you only became the main Snow Pea because you're loyalty or whatever...
    • Snow Pea:Well, anyways, did you hear that camera…

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