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  • I live in the lawn
  • I was born on February 27
  • My occupation is Working/Fixing the Wiki and Playing Games
  • I am A Pokemon and Plants vs. Zombies fan

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  • Lily8763cp

    This blog is the result of boredom. This is also meant to be a joke, but this is most likely not funny. I tried. Also, looking at these, I noticed a lot of these I made are sort of dark. Not trying to be that person but, it just happened.

    The plants are listed in order of their appearance on the PvZH plants template.

    • Potato Mine - "I tend to have a short fuse."
    • Small-Nut - "Everyone seems to laugh whenever I introduce myself. I don't get it."
    • Sting Bean - "For the last time, I'm not pregnant!"
    • Wall-Nut - "I tend to crack a smile too often."
    • Cactus - "I'm a bit of a p****." (Question, is the word that starts with "p" and ends with "ick" a bad word here? I don't want to get in trouble if I leave it uncensored.)
    • Jugger-Nut - "I have this armor, but I'…

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  • Lily8763cp


    November 21, 2016 by Lily8763cp

    So I just did a little edit and it seems I got the badge I've been trying to get for a whole year. The "No More Brains for the Zombies" badge. It's been a good year, with ups (Garden Warfare 2 and Heroes have been released) and downs (like the chat we shall not name, other forms of drama, and this thing's creation) and it's been nice being here.

    Of course, I'm not leaving or going on less just because I got the badge, but it's just a nice little badge of my achievement. I THINK I'm the 17th to have gotten this, might be wrong though.

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  • Lily8763cp

    Plant Fusion "Database"

    November 19, 2016 by Lily8763cp

    This isn't much of a blog but more of a database of plant fusions.

    The name of said fusion and what was mixed to make said fusion will be put down as I'd probably forget who requested said fusion . Edit - The fusions made due to the Ask the Plants blog will not have who "requested" it as a forgot, but any requests here WILL also have the user who requested it.

    Edit - I can't rename it, but if you want to request fusions, do it here and not in the Ask the Plants thread. It'll be easier this way and actual questions will be asked. But to make it easier for me, only one request per user every 5 hours.

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  • Lily8763cp

    I've had at least part of this story in my head for awhile. And it's almost Halloween, so this is a special Halloween story. I don't really care if it's scary or not, I just want to do something for it.

    • *Foot Soldier is shown putting some fake Pumpkins on the ground, wearing a cape and fake fangs*
    • Foot Soldier:I think that's all the decorations.
    • Scientist: *wearing toilet paper on his head* Yeah. I still dislike this whole "truce" idea though.
    • Foot Soldier:It's just a little party. No harm in it.
    • Scientist:Speaking of which, weren't you wearing a little hat with fangs and one eye? Why are you dressed as a vampire now?
    • Foot Soldier:Well, I wore that when I was battling, it was easier to move in it. But this is my real costume. *puts the cape over…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Time to make up something to make me actually LIKE Torchwood...

    Please read any of the previous episodes if you haven't read them already, starting with the first one.

    • *A few Leaf Shield Weeds are roaming around the plant base*
    • Leaf Shield Weed #1:I'm bored...when can we take a break?
    • Leaf Shield Weed #2:Oh grow up. We need to be here for the next 12 hours.
    • Leaf Shield Weed #1:WHAT?!?!
    • ???: *ahem*
    • Leaf Shield Weed #3:Huh? Giga Torchwood? What do you want?
    • Torchwood:I'm TORCHWOOD! Not GIGA Torchwood!
    • Leaf Shield Weed #2:...never heard of you.
    • Torchwood:I er...uh...meant that...heh. I almost forgot I added "Giga" to look cool! Heh heh...
    • Leaf Shield Weed #2:...this is against my better judgement but, enter.
    • Torchwood:Ok, thanks! *walks past the Leaf Shi…

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