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  • Lily8763cp

    There Gamester, I made it. And wow, it's been a while since these.

    Here we go, a "finally" on two ends. One for a new GW saga and one for a request somebody gave me. Which, if you can't guess by a few things, is for GamesterD. So here we go.

    • *This "story" begins with a few Arctic Troopers running into a cave covered with snow and ice. A few Ice Peas and Yeti Chompers are walking around the area, until one looks around*
    • Ice Pea #1:I hear footsteps.
    • Ice Pea #2:From where?
    • Ice Pea #1:Dude, I just said I heard them. I didn't say WHERE I heard them, I don't know where they are!
    • Ice Pea #2:Oh. Well, I should look around. *walks away*
    • Ice Pea #1:All right then, see you in...a very short amount of time. *suddenly hears an exploding sound* What?
    • Arctic Tro…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Gamester, I swear, next story is the story you requested. I told the people I'd make this today.

    So...this is the thing I told people I'd make today. So... time for a cringe love fan fiction that maybe isn't cringe?

    • *Electric Boogaloo is walking around in the hallway, mumbling to himself*
    • Immorticia: *walks out of her room, and notices Boogaloo* Hey, what are you doing?
    • Electric Boogaloo:Er...nothing! Nothing at all! Just have some extra energy I want to release.
    • Immorticia:Really now? You've been acting odd lately in general.
    • Electric Boogaloo:I have?
    • Immorticia:Yes you have. You're walking around and talking to yourself like a crazy person!
    • Electric Boogaloo:...well...uh...actually. Immorticia? Can I ask you something?
    • Immorticia:Oh! What is it?
    • El…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Random Story - Revenge

    January 27, 2017 by Lily8763cp

    This was another story idea that got into my head. And don't worry Gamester, that other story is coming soon.

    • *Inside the plant's base, a knocking sound is heard by a door*
    • Rock Pea: *sitting on a sofa nearby* Oh, who is it? *the knocking continues* Hey! I expect an answer! ...I guess I'll just open the door. If it's zombies, then I can just destroy them. *opens the door to see an orange Cactus* Huh? I never...*the orange Cactus takes out a crowbar and knocks them out*
    • ???:...I don't see anyone else sir.
    • *An orange Chomper, blue Peashooter, and a zombie walk in through the open door*
    • ???:Good. *looks at the other three* You know what to do, correct?
    • ???:Yes, I'll take the data you wish to steal.
    • ???:And I'll get the hostages.
    • ???:Correct. Now let's…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Welp, I needed to make something for this week. So here's a story, in a story! This is also another "experiment" with a writing style (being a flashback with people also talking part-way in the story in the present) like how the Zombopolis Nature Channel was somewhat of an experiment with a more "random" writing style.

    • *Outside of a forest, some of the plant heroes are surrounding some newspaper on the ground*
    • Solar Flare:Want me to set this ablaze?
    • Spudow:Go ahead, I'm getting a little cold. *takes out a marshmallow* And I'm hungry too.
    • Night Cap:Is that all you care about?
    •! I think you're cold too, right?
    • Night Cap:...well...yes, but I've gone through much colder. As a ninja, it's natural.
    • Solar Flare: *set the newspaper on fire* …

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  • Lily8763cp

    Random Story - Level Up

    January 13, 2017 by Lily8763cp

    This story is made in "celebration" of the Power Plants update for Plants vs. Zombies 2 Popcap, let the game die already, the zombies want it.

    • *Inside the plant base, Magnifying Grass is putting something in some pinatas. Citron walks in on her*
    • Citron:Hey, what are you doing in here this time?
    • Magnifying Grass:Oh, I've decided to find a way to make the weak strong and the strong well...stronger!
    • Citron:Oh, and what is that? Stuffing Plant Food in their face?
    • Magnifying *takes out a bag* This is full of special energy I found at Zen Peak, and it seems to be able to give a power boost to those who absorb it.
    • Citron:So you stole energy without Zen Cactus' permission?
    • Magnifying Grass:Eh. It seems some crystals just constantly made it, s…

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