• Lily8763cp

    I'm going to work on the rest of the PvZ GW Saga soon, I swear.

    So balancing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes seems popular, so I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon. Order of plants/zombies will be based on the respective pages.

    Some "rules" -

    • No tribe changes. Those can happen at random.
    • No buffs or nerfs around Set 4 cards, as they are currently incomplete.

    /2 instead of 2/2.}}

    Currently Sting Bean is almost always the better option. Making it immune to Rolling Stone will make it so there's times people would use it over Sting Bean.

    instead of 1.}}

    Yes, this changes the potato a fair amount, but hey, it's what it does in PvZ2, this version should be closer to that. Plus, this allows a good card for removal in the Guardian class.

    instead of 2.}}

    Almost ever…

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  • Lily8763cp

    How long has it been since one of these? Since May? Gosh, I need to make these at a better pace.

    • *The 7 main zombie commanders are preparing a meeting. All-Star is looking at a crown put on a nearby desk. Quickly, someone whistles at him and he looks up*
    • All-Star:Sorry. That crown is just very shiny.
    • Captain Deadbeard:Like a treasure, that's true. Why arr we even here?
    • Scientist:Recently, I've noticed a change in the Gnomes' behavior. Using cameras, I've seen Gnomus try to lead his troops, but to no avail. I think this crown controls them.
    • Foot Soldier:With that logic he controls himself.
    • Super Brainz:No it makes sense. He was probably greedy so he made a device to mind control everyone else.
    • Imp:So are we going to give someone the crown to contr…

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  • Lily8763cp

    This story, to put simply, will something based off Plants vs. Zombies Heroes that actually effects the fanmade PvZ: GW Saga. How exactly is what will be seen.

    Also this is an attempt at yet another writing style.

    He laid, resting. Resting in the hallway of the vast lair of the "king of Zombies", Doctor Zomboss. They don't even flinch when a Celestial Custodian tries to wipe him off the floor, so they grabbed him and put him on a nearby bed.

    Nobody really knew what he was dreaming of, all everyone could agree on is that it was the same every night, as it was always the same. The start with fear, and the end with a sort of devilish smile.

    The dream in reality was more like a flashback mixed with hope. He kept dreaming about what happened to him…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Miitopia is like an addiction to me, send help.

    So it seems making Plants vs. Zombies Heroes ideas are popular, so I might as well do it for the game I've played a lot recently, Miitopia.

    The "idea" is to have 3 classes per class, however, due to there only being 14 classes, one has to be filler.

    Also I might edit this to add enemies for the Zombie classes later, but I'm unsure.




    Allies next door get Protector

    " "Someone, help!" "

    Premium - Uncommon




    A selected ally gets Armor 1

    "Nobody knows where the armor comes from."

    Premium - Super Rare



    Protector (If an ally here or next door were to be damaged, this gets damaged instead.)

    This is shielded this turn.

    " "I'll protect you!" "

    Premium - Legendary



    Start of turn: This gains…

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  • Lily8763cp

    Note, this will contain spoilers for the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Sets. If you don't want to be spoiled, do not read this!

    • *Some Digger Zombies are using their pickaxes by a pile of rocks, along with some Excavator Zombies digging with shovels. A weird purple glow is radiating from in between the pile. An Archaeologist is sitting on a rock nearby with a pickaxe in one hand and a megaphone on the other*
    • Digger Zombie #1: *gulps* O...ok sir...
    • Excavator Zombie #1:Be quiet and keep digging.
    • Digger Zombie #2: *hits their pickaxe on a rock, and it makes a different sound than normal* Huh? Hey, can one of you Excavators remove th…

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