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Zombie Empires/Troops


Here u will get ur empire troops for my strategy game here...

Zomboss' Empire (The Present)

               Zombies 2 train...

   Meelee Zombie...(Attacks by close contact)

Name Image Health Cost Attack Defense Unlock At
Plank Whacker 125 25 Brains Plank Whack Plank Block N/A
Spike Smacker 250 30 Brains Nail Board Smack Nail Board Block Blacksmith Reasearch:Nail on Board
Bat Beater 400 50 Brains Bat Beat Bat Block Blacksmith Reasearch:Baseball Bats

    Range Zombie...(Attacks from far distances)

Name Image Health Cost Attack Defense Range Unlock At
Stone Slinger 125 15 Brains Stone Slingshot Bullet Evasion 5 N/A
Rock Pulter 250 30 Brains Rock Hurl Project-Dodge 7 Blacksmith Upgrade:Better Thrower
Pole Vaulter 400 45 Brains Pole Toss Wall Leap 10 Blacksmith Upgrade:Pole 4 Heights



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