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RP-Strategy:Minion Wars/Units

Here you will find the list of units you are allowed to summon. Note: Every summoning had a price.


Shooters General:

Image Name Health Attacks Cost
Peashooter2 (1)
Peashooter 10

Pea Shot

Pome-grenade (bomb)

Evasive Maneuver

20 Coins
Snow pea
Snow Pea 15

Snow Shot

Cryo Laser (freezing)

Evasive Maneuver

30 Coins
Fire Peashooter2
Fire Pea 15

Fiery Shot

Flamethrower (burning, anti-garrison)

Evasive Maneuver

50 Coins

Flower General:

Image Name Health Attacks Cost
02. Sunflower
Sunflower 10

Sun Pulse

Sun Shine (healing)

Sun Shield

10 Coins
Power flower pvz 2 style
Power Flower 15

Power Pulse

Electric Charge (healing, attack buffer)

30 Coins

Zombie Units

Headwear General:

Image Name Health Attacks Cost
Basic Zombie3
Basic Zombie (every zombie general had this) 10


Head Toss (deals more damage but instantly kills the zombie)

10 Coins
Conehead Zombie


Cone Smack

Cone Toss (deals more damage but instantly looses his cone)

Traffic Cone Station (summon, shield)

30 Coins

Buckethead Zombie 40

Bucket Bash

Bucket Hurl (works like cone toss)

50 Coins

Shield General:

Image Name Health Attacks Cost
PVZIAT Newspaper Zombie

Newspaper Zombie


Paper Whack

SODOKU Shield (shield)

20 Coins
PVZ2 Screen Door Zombie
Screendoor Zombie 40

Screen Smash

Knock-knock (shield, defends others)

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