Here is where you choose what general you are. Each of them have different advantages, disadvantage and special units.


  • Shooters General-The most basic general, commands of all the peashooters of different kind.
  • Flower General-Commands the flower troopers. They have weak attacks but excellent healers.
  • Defender General-Helds the huge army of wall-nuts and other kinds. Tough guys with tough shells.
  • Trap General-Silent but deadly soldiers commanded by a tricky person.

There will be more to come...


  • Headwear General-Orders his troops to wear protective headwear in battle.
  • Shield General-Uses shields on battle. They can also protect their allies with their shields.
  • Weaponized General-Commandds well-armed but bad-hearted troops, mostly takes advantage on far distance.
  • Tactic General-Uses different ambushes and special advantages like bypassing defenses to penetrate enemy lines.

There will be more to come.