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    Here is where you find the list of encountered enemies...

    Basic Zombie   HP: 400   Bounty: 40 Gold  40 EXP

            Bite: Deals 10-30 physical damage.

    Conehead Zombie   HP: 600   Armor: 2  Bounty: 80 Gold  60 EXP

            Bite: Deals 10-30 physical damage.

            Road Safety: Summons a road cone that has 150 HP and grants a Defense Aura around its allies.

    Buckethead Zombie  HP: 800  Armor: 4  Bounty: 110 Gold  90 EXP

            Bite: Deals 10-30 physical damage.

            Bucket Repair: Heals himself for 200 HP.

            Metal Armor: (passive) Deals more damage to electric attacks.

    Knight Zombie  HP: 1000  Armor: 6  Bounty: 150 Gold  120 EXP

            Sword Slash: Deals 20-30 damage. 10% chance to wound target.

             Iron Shield: Increases armor by 5. 40% c…

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    Leovergel.solamo (me)

    Peater the Omniknight.  STR: 22+2.65  AGI: 16+1.75  INT: 18+1.8     </span>

    PERSONALITY: A kind, faithful, and heroic character. Peater is normally a general of the Plant Force. Upon the fusion of him with Purist Thunderwrath, he holds the power of the light and leads his team to victory even if it causes him his own life. Likes pure people. Hates demons and zombies.</span>

    ABILITIES Purification: Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.

    Lvl. 1 Damage:'90/180/270/360 Heal:90/180/270/360   Mana: : 100/120/140/160</span>

     Repel: Creates a divine barrier around a target unit which grants them Spell Immunity and 100% resistance to Magic Damage.

    Lvl. 1   Duration:2/3/4/5   Mana:50

    Degen Aura: (passive) Greatl…

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    Here you will find the list of units you are allowed to summon. Note: Every summoning had a price.

    Shooters General:

    Image Name Health Attacks Cost
    Peashooter 10

    Pea Shot

    Pome-grenade (bomb)

    Evasive Maneuver

    20 Coins
    Snow Pea 15

    Snow Shot

    Cryo Laser (freezing)

    Evasive Maneuver

    30 Coins
    Fire Pea 15

    Fiery Shot

    Flamethrower (burning, anti-garrison)

    Evasive Maneuver

    50 Coins

    Flower General:

    Image Name Health Attacks Cost
    Sunflower 10

    Sun Pulse

    Sun Shine (healing)

    Sun Shield

    10 Coins
    Power Flower 15

    Power Pulse

    Electric Charge (healing, attack buffer)

    30 Coins

    Headwear General:

    Image Name Health Attacks Cost
    Basic Zombie (every zombie general had this) 10


    Head Toss (deals more damage but instantly kills the zombie)

    10 Coins
    Conehead Zombie


    Cone Smack

    Cone Toss (deals more d…

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    Here is where you choose what general you are. Each of them have different advantages, disadvantage and special units.

    • Shooters General-The most basic general, commands of all the peashooters of different kind.
    • Flower General-Commands the flower troopers. They have weak attacks but excellent healers.
    • Defender General-Helds the huge army of wall-nuts and other kinds. Tough guys with tough shells.
    • Trap General-Silent but deadly soldiers commanded by a tricky person.

    There will be more to come...

    • Headwear General-Orders his troops to wear protective headwear in battle.
    • Shield General-Uses shields on battle. They can also protect their allies with their shields.
    • Weaponized General-Commandds well-armed but bad-hearted troops, mostly takes advantage on …

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    Here u will get ur empire troops for my strategy game here...

    Zomboss' Empire (The Present)

                   Zombies 2 train...

       Meelee Zombie...(Attacks by close contact)

    Name Image Health Cost Attack Defense Unlock At
    Plank Whacker
    125 25 Brains Plank Whack Plank Block N/A
    Spike Smacker
    250 30 Brains Nail Board Smack Nail Board Block Blacksmith Reasearch:Nail on Board
    Bat Beater
    400 50 Brains Bat Beat Bat Block Blacksmith Reasearch:Baseball Bats

        Range Zombie...(Attacks from far distances)

    Name Image Health Cost Attack Defense Range Unlock At
    Stone Slinger
    125 15 Brains Stone Slingshot Bullet Evasion 5 N/A
    Rock Pulter
    250 30 Brains Rock Hurl Project-Dodge 7 Blacksmith Upgrade:Better Thrower
    Pole Vaulter
    400 45 Brains Pole Tos…

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