June 21st, 2015: Official teaser trailer for PvZ2 Lost World Part 2 is released, as we are introduced to 2 new plants and the confirmation of Toadstool. What do we see? A vivid purple flower and an adoreable little leaf, both unknown to their use in-game.

June 23rd, 2015: Dev Diary outlining the new plants and zombies in Part 2. We see that the flower was Stallia, a slowing plant costing no sun.

But the real eye-grabber here was the Gold Leaf, with it's amazing ability to create Gold Tiles at a dirt-cheap price to boot! The community is expecting a plant, but not one of such high caliber! Already, their minds thinking of how amazing this can be used in the harshest levels and worlds. Truely a top-seed (lel pun), possibly the best sun producer if used well in a good combonation.

June 25th, 2015: Many users have found the soft-releace of part 2, and are already sharing the knowlege of levels and newcomers to the roster. What they find however, is shocking. To not only them, but to every player of the game: Gold Leaf has a restriction (similar to Lily Pad, Tangle Kelp and Hot Potato), limiting it's use to Lost City only.

This. This change caused so much chaos fo the fans to the plant. Why? Because the fun aspect of this plant would be shown most vividly in the other worlds. Now it no longer has that splendor that Tile Turnip has, bringing a gimic into the player's imagination and latting them run lose with their crazy defences! Keeping it to Lost City however is not only pointless, but redundent. Who would use this plant when the levels already provides the tiles? Answer: fools wanting fake challenge. And isn't this just perfect? The plant went from top-teir to game-crippling, because wasting a space for this filler of a plant is like going into a zombie apocalypse with 1 group less of survivor wariors, the more the more likely to survive!

Now all we have is this golden turd of a plant, worthless except for temple of bloom. But even then, just looking at this plant sends a massive feeling of disatisfaction through me personally. To see such potential wasted so badly is the worst possible crippling you could give to a plant in this game. Dang, I thought that Tangle was the worst plant because of gameplay. This just shot up to that position by gameplay and insult to injury. Congrats Popcap, you ruined a perfectly good plant.

Let's just hope that they change in the full release, otherwise we will have a double homicide here! First Chomps, now this. Who's next? Only time will tell.