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  • Legofan9o5

    This list is long, so have a drink, get comfertable and read as a random person condasends to you which plant is good and which is bad.

    Also take a grain a salt that this is all opinion. You may like x, hate y and dispise z, but I may say otherwise.

    Plants will be classed as Good-Meh-Bad, mentioned in the last to second last sentence of each write-up.

    If you have any suggestions to what I can improve upon, let me know! I'm always open to cnstructive criticism.

    Ah, the Peashooter. The plant that just screams "obsolete". Repeater arguement aside, it is outclassed by many more plants, such as Red Stinger and Pea-Nut. If you have either, there is zero reason to use this plant. Even it's Plant Food is bad. In general: a bad plant.

    Everyone says it's bad …

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  • Legofan9o5

    June 21st, 2015: Official teaser trailer for PvZ2 Lost World Part 2 is released, as we are introduced to 2 new plants and the confirmation of Toadstool. What do we see? A vivid purple flower and an adoreable little leaf, both unknown to their use in-game.

    June 23rd, 2015: Dev Diary outlining the new plants and zombies in Part 2. We see that the flower was Stallia, a slowing plant costing no sun.

    But the real eye-grabber here was the Gold Leaf, with it's amazing ability to create Gold Tiles at a dirt-cheap price to boot! The community is expecting a plant, but not one of such high caliber! Already, their minds thinking of how amazing this can be used in the harshest levels and worlds. Truely a top-seed (lel pun), possibly the best sun produce…

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