Par-snip: Snips zombies in front and behind it and goes underground when zombies are on its tile, damaging them like Spikeweed.

Corn Dog: Lobs butter and kernels at zombies even before they enter the screen because it can smell them. When zombies near it, it rushes like Guacodile.

Spear Mint: Attacks nearby zombies with its spear and, when eaten, leaves its spear on the tile it was on, which acts as defense.

Strangler Fig: When eaten, strangles a zombie, eventually killing it and growing a new Strangler Fig where the zombie dies.

Gravitea: When eaten, causes all solid projectiles to pull towards a zombie.

Gloss Moss: Moss with gloss on it that, when stepped on, slides a zombie back four tiles. After this, it loses its gloss but can grow it back after 11 seconds. Cannot be eaten.

Squirting Cucumber: Squirts juice at zombies which does light damage and slows them, and explodes into bouncing seeds after a while.

Snow Apple: Has the same health as Infi-nut and, when fully eaten, creates a snow tile which slows zombies.

Fernace: Blows fire at every zombie in a lane.

Hour Grass: Slows down all zombies on the screen but disappears after all the sand runs out.

Plantagonist: Steals armor and other equipment from zombies in a 3x3 area but can only take a maximum of 5 objects.

Jumping Bean: Can be planted up to five times on a tile, each time jumping into zombies in a different lane.

Basketball Beet: Throws its basketball at the farthest zombie in the lane.

Passion Fruit: Gives plants in a 3x3 area more passion, which makes them shoot faster.

Mangoroo: Kicks zombies one tile away from it and when touched by a zombie hops down a lane damaging other zombies. 

Bumblebean: Flys over plants on four tiles, doing damage to all zombies in range. Cannot be eaten.

Showerkraut: A sauerkraut with a shower handle that shoots water which slows all zombies in front of it but doesn't do damage.

Whipping Willow: Whips zombies 3 tiles in front of it.

Wrecking Balm (wrecking ball + balm plant): Swings a slow-moving,wrecking ball one tile in front and behind it that does huge damage and pushes zombies back.

Sugar Crane: Lifts a nearby zombie, throwing it into other zombies, pushing them back and damaging them. After this, it sleeps for 22 seconds.

Bulk-nut: Blocks and punches nearby zombies.

Tumbleweed: Rolls down a lane, damaging zombies similar to Guacodile.

Am-bush: Ambushes the nearest zombie on the screen with 5 berries. Can grow berries back one at a time, ambushing the nearest zombie if there is one.

Tricarrotops: Pushes back and damages a total of 3 zombies, losing a horn each time.

Shrubmarine: Aquatic. Shoots leaves dealing 1.0 damage and hides underwater from nearby zombies to not get eaten.

Clam-entine: Aquatic. Shoots pearls at zombies.

Crab Apple: Aquatic. Snaps at zombies, dealing damage like Bonk Choy.

Pira-nut: Aquatic. Bites and blocks nearby zombies.

Rein-carnation: Fires petals at zombies at zombies and drops them when eaten, becoming a new Rein-carnation.

Buttercup: Lobs butter at zombies.

Brussel Sprout: When eaten, makes a zombie disgusted which stops them from eating other plants.

Bananaconda: Semi-aquatic. Shoots bananas at zombies and wraps around a nearby zombie, squeezing them, doing damage overtime. When planted in water, drags zombies underwater instead.

Bubblegum Tree: Blows gum bubbles at zombies which pop on contact, sticking them to th ground. Has to chew for 16 seconds before blowing another bubble.

Samurye (samurai + rye, a type of grass): Damages like Bonk Choy in three lanes but only one lane at once.

Fan Palm: Blows back all zombies in three lanes to the start of the lawn.

Saturnip: Creates a protective ring in a 3x3 area and fires turnips at zombies.

Asparigust: Blows back and chills all zombies on the lawn but those closest to it are effected the most.

Grizzly Pear: A Bonk Choy in three lanes at the same time.

Beanix (phoenix + bean): Explodes on impact and leaves ashes which it can rise from and explode again multiple times.

Scorpeaon: Shoots peas and stings nearby zombies.

Bombagranite: Like a Cherry Bomb but has a long fuse so it takes 36 seconds to explode. During that time, it can be eaten.

Boar-ange: Pushes back and damages zombies with its tusks. Can grow back tusks in three stages, but if a zombie approaches it when the tusks aren't fully grown, it won't push back and damage as much.

Medusage (Medusa + sage): Turns a zombie to stone, which acts like a Wall-nut.

Uni-corn: Fires raindows that pass through all zombies and heal nearby plants.

Bell Pepper: Swings back and forth, damaging zombies above and below it.

Dartichoke: Throws darts which do 2.5 damage.

Volcanut: Like a regular Wall-nut but explodes like a Cherry Bomb when eaten completely.

Yammer: a yam with a hammer that smashes 3 zombies and then acts like a Wall-nut.

Bango: a mango that is like a Bonk Choy but in front, behind, to the top left, and the bottom right.

Poison Ivy: Poisons three zombies then disappears.

Eggplant: Acts like a Wall-nut but when fully eaten, cracks, spilling slowing yolk onto nearby zombies.

Bed Bud: Has three petals that, when eaten, make a zombie temporarily fall asleep. After losing all petals, falls asleep for 16 seconds before regrowing new ones.

Cucumbersome: Fires cucumber slices that are cumbersome to zombies and slow them, doing 2.0 damage as well.

Frisbean: Throws a frisbee that glides through zombies, occasionally bouncing into other lanes.