Survival: Endless in different areas

Survival: Endless can be played in different areas by renaming saved file. No need to use Cheat Engine.

1. Pick plants in a Survival: Hard game and leave after starting it.

2. Go to the userdata folder C:\ProgramData\PopCap Games\PlantsVsZombies\userdata and rename the saved file of a Survival: Hard game to Survival: Endless (game#_13).

Survival: Day (Hard) - game#_6 (# is the user number so look for game1_6 if user 1)

Survival: Night (Hard) - game#_7

Survival: Pool (Hard) - game#_8 (not needed because Survival: Endless is in a pool setting)

Survival: Fog (Hard) - game#_9

Survival: Roof (Hard) - game#_10

Survival: Endless - game#_13

3. Go to Survival: Endless and play it.

Survival: Roof Night (Endless)

Survival: Endless on the roof during nighttime. This can be played by renaming saved file in userdata. No need to use Cheat Engine.

1. Play Dr. Zomboss Revenge until you have enough plants and Dr. Zomboss is about to attack.

2. Go to userdata and rename game#_35 to game#_30. (# is the user number so look for game1_35 if user 1)

3. Go to Whack a Zombie and hit Dr. Zomboss when he is about to attack. Earn 350-500 sun by hitting zombies.

4. Rename game#_30 to game#_10.

5. Go to Survival: Roof (Hard) and play it until flag 8.

6. Rename game#_10 to game#_13 and continue it in Survival: Endless.