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    Dead Man's Booty is the challenge zone of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Compared to other challenge zones, this may be the easiest, because Spring Beans can be used to bounce Gargantuars to the water when close to the water.

    • Twin Sunflower - For sun production
    • Sunflower - For sun production. Replace with Twin Sunflowers later.
    • Spring Bean - For early zombies and Gargantuars near water. Use together with Blover for lanes far from water.
    • Pea Pod
    • Winter Melon
    • Blover - For Seagulls and Parrots
    • Cherry Bomb
    • Coconut Cannon (for Gargantuar levels)

    Use two-headed Pea Pods or blow them away with Blover.

    These zombies can be annoying when they appear early in a level. Blow them away with Blover.

    These zombies have high health. Spring Beans can bounce the…

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    This is my strategy for Pyramid of Doom after level 10. It uses Melon-pults and Winter Melons. No need for premium plants, just use money and to buy Plant Food and power-ups if needed.

    • Twin Sunflower
    • Potato Mine
    • Iceberg Lettuce
    • Winter Melon
    • Melon-pult
    • Cherry Bomb
    • Grave Buster
    • Spikerock (if there are Gargantuars)

    Plant a Twin Sunflower and give it plant food. Use Grave Buster to remove graves at the second and third columns. Plant a Potato Mine at the 3rd column when the first zombie comes. If there are two zombies, use Potato Mine and Chili Bean. If you have enough sun, start planting Winter Melons in the third column. Continue planting Twin Sunflowers at the back two columns. Before the first flag, you must have two Twin Sunflowers and one Winter …

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    1. Complete ZomBotany 1 or 2 using only Sunflowers, Garlics, and instant kills. You may use Lily Pad in ZomBotany 2.

    Difficulty: Medium-Hard

    Tip: Use Imitater for Cherry Bomb or Doom-shroom.

    2. Complete ZomBotany 1 or 2 without Sunflowers. You may use Sun-shroom.

    Difficulty: Hard

    Tip: Use sleeping Puff-shrooms to delay zombies.

    3. Complete Bobsled Bonanza without Jalapeno, Spikeweed, and Spikerock.

    Difficulty: Hard - Very Hard

    Tip: Use Fume-shrooms and Gloom-shrooms.

    4. Complete Last Stand without aquatic plants.

    Difficulty: Medium

    Tip: Use Gloom-shrooms and Garlics.

    5. Complete Pogo Party without catapult plants.

    Difficulty: Easy-Medium

    Tip: Use Tall-nuts, Split Peas, and Starfruits

    6. Complete Survival: Day without sun producing plants.

    Difficulty: Hard …

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    My user page protected

    September 23, 2013 by Lawn Defender

    How did my user page get protected? I tried editing it but it was protected. That's my user page and its personal.

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    This is a strategy guide for Survival: Endless. This guide explains about the plants needed, strategies against zombies, and set-ups for Survival: Endless. For more info, go to the Survival: Endless guide by Draco89123.

    Survival: Endless is an endless Survival level in a pool setting. This survival game starts with less zombies, then gets more difficult later on with more zombies.

    The ground is where most zombies come. The backmost column is where the Diggers come out and Catapults throw their basketballs, the 3rd and 4th columns is where the Imps are thrown, and the front three columns is vulnerable to most zombies.

    The pool has less zombies but there are Dolphin Rider Zombies and underwater zombies that get past the frontmost plants. The ba…

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